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Not My Fault I Can't Do Sums...I Have A Condition!

There I was this afternoon cutting out Disappearing Nine Patch blocks...so easy to do, but it's looks complicated when finished...but it involves cutting the entire nine patches in half...both vertically and horizontally.

I had to halve 13 and half inches to cut them accurately.

Don't do sums.

Can't do sums actually 'cos I have Dyscalculia...like Dyslexia, but for numbers. They simply don't make any sense to me whatsoever...

Normally, if I was in my shed, I could manage by using the big cutting mat which has everything neatly marked out...but because I'm in the cottage and there isn't room on the table for everything, I have to use a small cutting mat that is pretty basic.

I had to look it up on Google, which is pretty sad when you think .

If Himself had been at home, I could have asked him of course and he'd have told me straight away, but I'd sent him to the chemists to buy Dylon Dye and then to the supermarket for salt...

But now it's the new improved Dylon and no salt is needed...instead of having to buy yardage for the backs of throws and quilts I buy double sheets from the charity shop...the Hospice shop doesn't sell anything that isn't good quality so you can be sure they'll be freshly laundered and not have suspicious stains on them...once dyed, no-one is any the wiser.

It's still raining hard and the wind is still howling...

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One of my sons has dyspraxia which made things pretty difficult for him as a child. I wish I'd known about the not able to do sums condition when I was at school. Might have got me out of maths class.


Hi Vashti

You certainly keep yourself busy. I am just so lazy, just seem to read, go on the internet and watch TV. Oh well!

The torrential downpours in the north are horrendous. Hope the storm doesn't affect you and your husband.

Look after yourself.


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I also have Dyscaculla I used to get into a terrible muddle before I was diagnosed .I used to do the wages for about 20 people I managed OK with a calculator and pencil and a great big eraser .I had to double check everything just because the calculator got it right didn't mean I would get it right when I wrote it down .I'm sure you know what it's like right numbers wrong order .I still don't know my times tables. I would love to see a photo of your patchwork I don't think I would ever have the patience.

Take care


I don't actually have what you have Vashti....I just hate maths - always have done. I find numbers boring beyond reason and have no patience with them - especially when they don't add up to what I think they should? lol My Grandson and I play scrabble a lot (when he's here) and I somehow manage to sum up my totals quickly - he says "See, you're not that bad at maths!" But I know he's just being kind. :-D

I have the same problem, never realised it for years, was so pleased to find out it was a disability and not because 'I'm lazy and can't be bothered to learn' as I was told at school. For heavens sake I was reading Shakespeare at eight and understood it. Mind you I was sent out of class and had to sit in the corridor sometimes because I was sneezing (hayfever) to often and it was disturbing the other children. Strange school.



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