Morning everyone. Here I am again at the lung and heart foundation doing trials for a new inhaler very interesting and of course I get a full health check too. Having had to stop my spiriva and symbicort to do the tests I just realise how much I need them - just using inhalers at the moment but if I had doubts about my meds I certainly know now I need them. 😀Ps how do I edit my upside down profile pic??

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  • Hi pepparuby - good on you for doing the trial. Are you allowed to say what the inhaler is called or any other details about it?

    From what you say it sounds like its hard going without your normal inhalers. If there's no steroid component in the new one, it could be that you are missing. I take symbicort and have done for years and would find it hard to be without it.

    Wondering how long the trial is. Good luck with the rest of it.

    No idea about turning your profile pic round but some on here are great with that and will probably be in touch :)

  • They did tell me the name but I need to write it down otherwise I'll just forget🙀 But anyway I think I have the placebo as I'm struggling without spiriva and symbicort. They let me use an orange inhaler but to be honest I may have to drop off the trial. The other guys on this are feeling fantastic without their steroid inhaler so I'm just going to see how long I can last

  • Great to hear of new products being tested on all of our behalf. Well done !

  • I'm afraid to take symbicort or any type of inhaler that has 2 inhaler in one. The reason is not be able to get off of it and your body not be able to function without it as well because of that type of MEDS. I'm on qvar now and its working ok for now.

    Good luck on your test

  • Yes it's not two in one its just got something in it that makes it go straight into the lung rather than just sit on top like most inhalers can do. Unfortunately for me I have the placebo and I know because my breathing is worse

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