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Could Your PET Be Killing You With Kindness

Could Your PET Be Killing You With Kindness

Av not seen much in way of information with regard BLF and information on Pets & Lung disease.

Obv it can be tochy subject but one that is just as inportant ESP when it comes to virus bactrial infections ESP as we seem to suffer and go on about them a lot.

I was at vets with my cat and the vets airconditioning was not working. Next day i had real rank infection.

Truly is amazing how at risk we are from what evers going round from where ever.

Can we really manage risk or do doctors need to be more understanding when it comes to prescribing antibiotics.

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It makes you wonder whether we should be allowing pets into hospitals then, doesn't it. I've always wondered whether it was a sensible idea, however well-intentioned. Especially for those patients suffering from severe asthma etc. I was diagnosed when I was younger of being allergic to cat hair. Makes you think?


Ad be bit pissed if i seen pet in hospital never even knew that went on.

I know its not pets fault but like us are germ magnets and always malting.

I dont let my cat near my face threw coughing fits

But of night he trys it on and i know when is been near my face as i start coughing fits.

Cheers thanks for reply comment

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Oh he looks so sweet! Don't know about animals - this week I've been to the foot clinic and the doctors and in both places the waiting rooms were full, and boiling hot. The heat met me as soon as I opened the door - it was like opening a hot oven. Definitely not healthy and it crossed my mind that the NHS could probably save a bob or two there.


Few clinics iv been in av been same guess it like that if got get undressed.

I have been in hospital and was freezing even blankets are like tissue paper just glad the was not that horried war time fury stuff.

Bet they contributed /give everyone in country lung diease

Wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't in the waiting rooms where everyone still has theirs coats on.


Hi daz....I think it was the other way around in my house...I contracted bacterial pneumonia and a few weeks later my Siamese cat had it too, then my other two cats developed a chronic cough and then were diagnosed with asthma. They would wake suddenly with a loud wheezy cough and struggle to breathe .

Maybe a coincidence ...who knows . I think cats and humans can share that heliobacter , stomach bacteria too.

My grandmother always said that cats breath was dangerous...but I think that was a superstition.

But I still love cats , they had two in my father's nursing of them stole a £20 note from the office and ran off with it

Take care


Hi yer did read we can interchange our germs virus bactriea

Defo agrre about cats my dads always being bullied by my cat BUT he is miser so cat only manages to run of with is comb :)

Cheers thanks


I'm convinced that apart from those souls who have asthma and react to animal hair our biggest enemy is OTHER PEOPLE's GERMS. Well I would say that because I adore my animals, do not react to them and have never caught anything from any of the dozens which I have had.


Hi But how would you know :) its not like we can always see those germs viruses.

Defo agree bout other people germs tho lol

Cheers thanks

Because I can't sleep I have just read through the link you provided ( I know - sad). I notice firstly that this is an American article and boy do they like to panic people. The problems which they mention are all covered by sensible pet owners by worming, innoculation and regular flea treatment. Lymes disease is caught from ticks coming from deer and are picked up by both animals and humans when walking in fields which are inhabited by them. Animals cannot pass Lymes disease to humans. The viruses which they mention are incredibly rare, especially in developed countries and then to be at risk from them people have to have severely depleted immune systems. My little soul has his innoculations every year, is wormed and deflead every month and refuses to walk in fields because he doesn't like thistles scratching his tummy. Most pet owners in this country are just as responsible.

I should just not worry about it. As I said before, we are far more at risk from human germs.


Hi stillstanding

How true...and unless you live your life in a sterile bubble, you are exposed to germs everywhere...

There are basic precautions we can all use to minimise the risk....there is no point in getting worried about's an unseen enemy we have to deal with and get on with our lives.

Velvet xx

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Encore SS!! Enough said. XX :-D

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Hi looks like my animals may have caught my bugs....but people can get Psitticosis from birds...I was asked in the hospital if I kept pigeons. And there are quite a few other diseases too.

I can imagine your cat pinching your father's cat stole Brillo pads.

I hope you are recovering now. Take care

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Hi cheers i have up down days think my bobble hat helps with cold xx

Yer asked me about bitds to even asked about cats befour the got to fags

So to even up i told em

I had worked on maintenance with lots of asbestos and did spell in foundry with asbestos n silica for her majesty.

quite agree about the birds knitter. Luckily I have never wanted to keep them. Again it's people who keep flocks of pigeons or a parrot in a confined space who seem to be most at risk.

I know some asthmatics are allergic to cat hair but think generally its a bit like taking pills there might be a few side affects from pets but the good they do out way the bad ,


Hi mmetzor, my middle daughter is extremely allergic to cats...her breathing deteriorates rapidly, eyes puff up and stream. My eldest is allergic to dogs, and the youngest to small rodents like mice.

They all have inhalers and take antihistamines...but it can be life threatening.

Not to be taken lightly for some....they also have a nut allergy, so they have to be on the alert all the time.

I have seen the affect of these allergic reactions, and the speed that they can happen...terrifying .

I love animals but impossible for me to have any now.....just watch you tube and the animal pics on here.

We have had pets in the past, so they have not always been so allergic.

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hi I know some people are very allergic and cant have animals but my comment was meant in general from germs you may get off an animal ,

I cannot imagine life without my cats, when you don't get out much especially in the winter months, pets can be a godsend. Obviously some basic hygiene rules apply, but they do for people as well as pets. I know a couple of folk who don't wash their hands after visiting the toilet, and my GP sneezed into her hand while talking to me.

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When my SOB began, my ex and I bought a dog. I am allergic to animals, especially cats. When I got close to the dog, my SOB worse. That was early on, when my Albuterol more effective. I thought and my docs as well, that my symptoms related to allergies/asthma. This still true, I wish that was the WHOLE reason, but alas not. So my triggers can include animals. Others not.

My daughter had a chinchilla strange little thing when you opened the cage it would fly out at you which made me sob but I found it was the sand they bathed in that caused my sob

My George is vaccinated regularly, wormed and has flea treatment. I don't think I have ever caught anything from him or any of my previous animals.

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