Hello everyone

I hope I am back on line now it would never post to my email so I have changed it to my principal one. I will not mince words I have had a rotten year at last they have found a antibiotics that works doxicycline 100mg twice a day. Also I have colonised MRSA but it will not stop the planed operation the only thing here is I go in as a day case get isolated and done last on the list. Saw chest doctor last week not much hope there he told me I will just keep having flare ups with some needing 'IV' antibiotics when I expressed my displeasure of having to go into hospital due to my last two stays being traumatic he just said no problems the community IV team was a great success so via my GP I can activate this if and when needed so I was happy there I just may have to go in for few hours to have a midline put in and to collect my jungle juice. Thank you all for your messages of concern just been through flare up no 29 in a year I am hoping against hope I will not have much more this year. Anyone know if this year's flu jab cosier or not?.


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So happy to see you back here Ant. I've often wondered how you were getting on.

Dear Ant, what a year you have had with one infection after another. As the saying goes 'it can only get better'

At least you have sorted out a few things with your consultant so you should see some improvements.

Keep well 🌻

Hi so sorry ya had such terrable time .. hope the finaly geting on top of your issues and you start feeling better soon

Hi Ant

Sorry to hear that you have had such a bad and hoping things now start to improve.

I have had the flu jab just a sore arm for a couple days which is fairly normal for me.

Best wishes


My goodness Ant thought I'd had my fair share of flare ups this year but 29!! It sounds like they are on the case now though, I really do hope so. Nice to see you posting xx

Good to see you back, Ant and sorry you have had so many problems. x

Good to see you back ant and hope things start to improve after the rough year you have had and hope things improve for the coming year the flu jab had done last week bit of sore shoulder but really nothing to complain about so again good luck and take care

Hi Ant, How great to hear from you. I have often wondered how you are but Rib told us you would be back when you felt better. What a terrible year you have had; here is hoping a good recovery from day surgery and that you can say goodbye to infections. Love Margaret x

Great to see you back Ant, but so sorry that you have been going through such a horribl time. Hope the community IV team will not be needed but if so at least you will avoid hospital.

Great to see you back Ant and hope the Doxy works well for you. It is also not a bad thing that they can do IV abs for you at home. Hope things get sorted out for you very soon and you are on the up.

Flu jab was ok for Pete this year and all went well.

Take care xxxx

Hi Ant great to see you but not so pleased at your news. You have really been in the wars this year and I really hope you stay well from now on. Your HU family is here for you as always. Take care my love. xx

Ant sorry to hear you've had such a tough year

been the same this year one infection after another

lets hope next year will be better for us sufferers

Best Wishes to you.

Pat x

Well hello Anthony, so lovely to see you back posting. Consider yourself missed!

Very glad you'll be able to have your IVs at home, so much less stressful and risky.

Peege xx

Just a quick reply to the flu jab this year- so far touch wood I've had no ill effects and it's been 3 weeks now so I reckon it's all OK for once. Fingers crossed.

Hi Ant

Good to see you back but sorry you have had such a rough ride. It will be much easier and more comfortable for you to have your IVs at home.

With love


It's good to have you back Ant, you must be the record holder for most infections in a year. Not exactly one anyone would care to beat.

I really hope you start to see an improvement in your health, now they've finally found the right antibiotic. You deserve a break, big time.

Keep warm and take good care of yourself while the meds do their work. xx

Hope everything goes well for you.

Love and hugs



Great to hear from you Ant,as Margaret said,Rib told us we would hear from you,when better.So sorry to hear of the struggle you have been having.

I also had no probs.with the flu jab,besides having a sore arm,as usual.

Wishing you better luck,you can see by the number of replies,how you have been missed!

Hugs,Wendells xxx

Oh my what a terrible year. I hope things improve quickly for you. Good to see you posting again

Take care of yourself



Great to see you back Ant, got to say I've been a little worried after you disappeared of the radar following your hat trick of pneumonias.

Good to hear they have found an antibiotic that will help you.

Like you I got things organised to have intravenous antibiotics at home but since then I've not needed them :) , I'm not complaining though.

I hope the year ends well for you and you dodge that 30th flare up.


Hi Anthony great to see you back and pleased your feeling better. I know what you mean I had just over a year where I had chest infection / flair up after each other no let up it drove me mad

Hi Ant it's great to see you back & wonderful your improving, keep up the good work. Best wishes Nan

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