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Is it lung cancer?

My father in law has been feeling unwell for the best part of this year, he's had an on off cough that has not gone away and says he generally feels unwell and his head doesn't feel right, he feels anxious can't think straight and a bit in steady on his feel,he's had blood tests ect over the past few months and nothing nasty had come up, even an MRI on his head that came back clear,he was given antibiotics last month for a suspected chest infection as his coughing and clearing of his throat along with tightness and mucus was more persistent, but he has not improved so last week he had an MRI on his lungs and he told me today that the doctor has informed him that he has a tumour on his right lung, but not to worry as they picked it up 2 1/2 years ago and it's not really changed! This is the first we have ever heard of this tumour!! The doctor seems way too laid back but will send him for tests in the next few weeks, they have never tested him before... He also has a cluster of cysts on his kidney. He's 77 and never smoked so do we need to be worried?

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I am so sorry to hear of your worries about your father-in-law's health, but nobody on here can answer your question. Please do and speak to his doctors again and ask all of the questions you need to.


I know no one can but I hoped someone can shed some light maybe with similar experiences as with all that's going on it's pointing to cancer 😔 but maybe it's not


You could try ringing the BLF during office hours tomorrow. They also cannot diagnose but could probably offer suggestions as to what to say to the docs.

03000 030 555


Thank you, I'm just worried as with the symptoms why the doctors never did anything before


You could ask to for your fil to be referred to a specialist. I agree your gp is being too inactive. You may need to push a bit in a controlled way of course.

Good luck


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