Eyes right!

Eyes right!

When Wilfie finds a spot he likes does,nt matter what,s in the way! So,had my right eye cataracts sorted on Monday.That is one very weird operation!I did,nt want to think about what was actually happening so just concentrated on my breathing and using all my panic avoidance skills.Did not feel any pain.Not very nice in the evening when all the drugs wear off though.The whole right side of my skull was completely numb,very strange.Got follow up date16/11/15 then they tell me when they do the left eye I hope.I might be able to read without specs when the left is done.My left eye is hindering me now.Three more weeks of eye drops 4x day plus ointment,one of the drops is actually a steroid,with my feelings on steroids that,s hard to swallow!( but luckily I don,t have to swallow them just squirt them into my throbbing eyeball).The time went really quickly,seems like it was just yesterday I was moaning ( me moaning? Shirley not!) about not being able to see.I,m taking a few days to adjust.I had my Copd yearly and flu jabby,all good except my Fev1 has gone down again to 20% ,that is down to me not being able to exercise because I could,nt drive to Gym or even my walking track( my local hospital). Got the Brompton on the 12 th.Busy month this,it will keep me out of trouble lol.So it,s back to exercise and driving for me so I can get fit enough for LVRS.Hope you are all coping ok with the cold and damp weather,roll on summer lol!Take care lovely folk! D. 👀 👍🏿 👀

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  • That photograph has been all round,upside down ,back to front,on it,s side in the edit suite but they won,t let me put it the right way up,so just move your device or move yourself so you can see the charming Wilfie sit there on my box of office equipment,pushing my important papers out of the way onto the floor.He and Walter have settled nicely and have cut the dancing and jumping on the bed down to between 2 and 6 in the morning so I just don,t bother with sleep any more lol.D.

  • I just turned my I pad sideways to look at Wilfie....he is beautiful....I guess it's gymnastics time now though.

    Hope your eye and head are getting better.

    Just another question...was it you, farmer d that tried Allicin in the past...I have been trying to remember?

  • Hi Knitter,I did live with a Alison for a while but not tried the Allicin yet must be a different Farmer D.

  • Adorable cat Farmer, he looks like a cheeky chappy! So pleased you got your eye done, it will make such a difference, like you I'm waiting to get other eye done, feels like I'm a bit off balance at the mo! lol xx

  • Looks like stroking Wilfie is the next task in your busy In-box, Farmer D. Hope your eye stops throbbing very soon. Isn't it wonderful the difference eye surgeons can make to many causes of failing sight these days.

  • he looks like he got himself comfortable , hope your eyes are soon better and your visit to the Brompton goes well , take care

  • Wilfie is soo cute! Right in the middle of all your work. Don't they just love doing

    that? If you're reading the paper, they decide that's where they want to lay.

    Glad you're finally getting your eyes done. Must be kind of ackward, with one good eye. You take care..

    Rubyxx 😊 😊

  • I was thinking about you yesterday and wondering when you had your Op. Thought I remembered it being 14th but obviously not. Keep doing the eye drops and if anything feels or looks funny or weird get onto the hospital. You can't take chances with your eyes. Look after them and yourself.

    Lots of love and hugs



  • Hi farmer d, you can see who's the boss in your house ha ha. Hope your feeling better soon xxx

  • Great photo Farmer D and glad the op went well. Good luck with the left eye too and the driving. Let us know how the 12th goes.

    Pete is to have his back operated on again on 2nd December so fingers crossed it actually works this time.

    Wishing you well. xxxx

  • Glad that's behind you, now. Realise you still have one to go but you know what to expect. Bet you can't wait to get back to the gym and build yourself up again for the LVRS. Good luck.

  • I had my right eye done a few years ago Farmer, and I agree with you - it's a very weird procedure. I think the worst bit is when they remove the old lens to put in the new one- temporary blindness, -awful and unnerving! Was for me anyway. Didn't find the rest of it unpleasant and the benefit was immediate. Trouble is, If I want to see something in detail close up i,.e., writing, I have to close my right eye and for long distance - close my left eye! I'm sure people think I'm winking at them sometimes? Lol

  • Hi Farmer,glad the op. went ok,will be good when they do the next one,& you won't know yourself,you have to be patient Im afraid!

    I got mine done a few years ago,but they knocked me out,so I don't recall anything! Think I had roughly 6 weeks or so in between the next one,still need reading glasses,but much more comfortable.

    Loved that pic of Wilfie,he does look a treat,handsome fellow,like his owner I suspect,lol!

    Hugs,love Wen xxx

  • So pleased all went well for your eye op as you know I have now had both mine done

    Need glasses still but the colours ,whow ,what a difference

    Take care


  • Well done farmer hope they do the other eye soon sounds like your having a full mot all in time for Christmas take care

  • Brilliant operation, had both eyes done when I was in my early 50's. Still have to wear glasses but it was great to be able to see clearly again. Take care xx

  • You are so brave Farmer D. I have early cataracts and have a phobia bout my eyes being touched. I hope my eyes last longer than me. If not, they would have to tie me down and gag me.

    My husband has had 5 eye operations and didn't mind them at all. He had powerful pain killers and didn't find the ops painful. Unless of course he was telling fibs.

    He has to put drops in his eyes for the rest of his life as he has glaucoma.

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