Long day

Good evening everyone

I have been meeting myself coming backwards today.......... went to pulmonary exercise this morning, hard going we have a beast of an instructor and he certainly puts us through our paces, though I know its for our benefit it's hell at the time. ( thank God for oxygen...lol )

met up with my sister ( she is worse than me ) to take her to Drs then chemist, post office and shopping...I got home at 18.40hrs. so now I'm partaking in a glass of nectar before bed.

Pleased SK is ok was just a little concerned.

Wow 20.30 and I'm off to bed.

So to all my HR pals I wish you all a very good night. Keep well

Sheila xx

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  • Ah well done Etch ..... better than being bored?! x piggi

  • Getting up now don't know where the cats are so will enjoy a coffee before they come and demand food..xx

  • Wow I'm impressed by how much you have done today and no wonder you are so tired. Well done etch. x

  • I will have to stay up later tonight... I am now going to make a coffee then getting up. Sleep ( or lack of it ) has always been my problem. 😞 xx

  • You've had a hard day today etch, I hope you sleep like a log. xx

  • I wish Casper, I am now going to get up ( that's because I came to bed very early).xx

  • Hope you have a good night Sheila. I think I may have had my sleep for tonight.

  • Well I am now contemplating getting up, went to bed early and know I wont great back to sleep...hope you manage it..😄

  • Ugh. Up at 3 this morning. Wit to sleep at 11 but awake at 1.30. Then other half started to snore. So now downstairs! Will pull blanket over me in a while and give it another go. Yesterday morning I did a lot of tidying up of papers and filing of personal admin. Thinking this wakefulness would strike again today I have closed the curtains in the spare bedroom and if still awake at 4 will go in there and tidy up - don't want to be seen by any one passing by. A bit too early just now but not long to wait by the look of it.

  • Oh poor you, my husband used to snore so have an inkling to know how it can get to you...sounds like me, the early hours I can blitz some paperwork and I have a mountain of it... Never know may be a winning lottery ticket lurking among it.....

    Hope you get back off.

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