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Exceedingly Grumpy GP...!!!

Anyone else going to poke me in the eye this week?

We went to have the 'flu jabs...that was grand. Then I went into the Doctor to ask for an emergency pack...I'd put the last lot into the washing machine...don't ask.

Our Doc is away so it was the new partner instead...not seen her before and certainly won't be seeing her again...

'You self-medicate?' she practically fell off her chair, an expression of pure horror on her face...' And just how often does this happen?' So I 'fessed up that it'd been once...back in March...

She wanted to know why I didn't go into the surgery 'to be evaluated' before happily chomping my way through a course of steroids and anti-biotics...be difficult to do that at the weekend and on Bank holidays I told her, but she was not a happy woman.

After peering at her pc she suddenly asked how was my anxiety...I was non-committal, not wanting to stir her up anymore than necessary...why was I complaining of anxiety she wanted to know...what was making me anxious... on a scale of one to ten how bad was it...this was in rapid fire speak, not allowing me to get a word in.

You need to go for counselling she said...I said I'd rather stick pins in my eyes and she asked did I self-harm...ye gods.

I had the beginnings of a headache and could hear Charlie in the waiting room, bawling at Himself, thinking if he shouted Himself would be able to hear him...they were sitting together.

She rifled through a well-worn copy of Mimms and said she'd increase the Seroxat to its maximum dose of 40mg a day and found some anxiety buster which I can take with the Seroxat despite the fact the Consultant saying there wasn't anything and I'd need to reduce the Seroxat first...

It's called Pregabalin...

I've decided a decent glug of Bushmills or the totally scrumptious Southern Comfort will do me more good...

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Oh dear! Has your doctor never heard of the emergency packs most of, if not all of us have at home?

My abs & steroids for an emergency are on my repeat prescription. This means if I tick the box at any given time, I can get another supply. Or I can phone the surgery & they will put a repeat prescription straight through to the pharmacy.

As you say, what are we supposed to do at weekends & holidays when the GPs are not available? I think we'd all prefer to start the relief pack than visit A&E!

Enjoy your southern comfort, haven't had that in years! 😂

I agree a drop of the hard stuff will help you relax.

Sounds like my GPs, Vashti.

Vasti I also had a doctor like that many years ago. When I asked for am emergency pack he said there was no need, just phone surgery ask to be put straight through to him and he would issue prescription without delay. First time he was in South Africa for three weeks, second time it was a Friday night, third time Easter bank holiday week-end, as my chest infections seem to come with little warning I really need those antibiotics like now not two days time. Doctor then left, am now seen by senior partner who wanted to know why I did not have an emergency pack at home. My respiratory nurses always insist on there patients having these at home to fall back on, I thought that we are now being encouraged to self medicate at home together with the help of the nurses to save the NHS the cost of us being admitted to hospital.

Oh shoot me now! If these idiots who know nothing about lung conditions and their management simply listened to their patients who do, life would be so much easier.

But no, that would be good doctoring heaven forfend.

Ye Gods. Do not read out posts to Husband normally, but this was so like the GP we were registered with, also other female GP. He shuddered and said "save us all from female, pc, doctors". I have to say there was lovely young ,female GP came on the scene. Found I was registered with her. Suddenly phone calls to me at home, repeat prescriptions at pharmacy so quickly, but, big but, told me to go to my trusted gp re Bronch (didn't she want to get to know this Cinderella). My trusted GP mimicked vomiting to me and yes, pregnant, so will not see her for 12 months. Kaye

Reckon she needs further training! Have abs and steroids on my repeat prescription, have been told to always have them to hand. Reckon you deserve a nice large Southern Comfort xx

Vashti my love you stick to Bushmills or southern comfort (neither my choice)

pregablin is hideous. I take duloxetine which is a 'mood' reviver, but I take it for nerve pain. saw new doc on Thursday who wants to turn my meds on their heads she had never seen me before, clear she had not looked at my notes as she said oh your taking duloxetine for your 'mood' how is your mood fine said me, left with 3 months script so don't have to think about meds messing. however my mood grew cloudy once I got out of there. Have to say a nice glass of wine sorts my mood out. You take care lovely and look forward to more posts from you.

Ha sounds like its her that needs the medication.

Oh dear!

Oh dear, can you see your usual GP on Monday. What on earth did the new one think she was doing, going against the consultant's advice?

Please don't listen to her, wait until you see your own GP.

Oh Vashti your POst has me roaring laughing, about the GP, looks like she should

Be on anti anxiety Meda. She sounds daft, self harm !!! Ha ha , that's a laugh. I

Got my Flu Jab today and my GP was very down as his second marriage has broken

Down. He is a great GP , whatever kind of husband he is another matter.

Hope himself and sundry cats kittens And dogs are all in good fettle.

Hannah 🎃🎃🎃

sounds like you deserved a whisky after you got home for medicinal purposes of course hope you poured it I know you said himself can be a bit tight with it lol , I had to have a over 40s health check in the summer for heart ect the nurse was asking all these question said do you drink I said not often only if I have a friend come round we have a whisky she said what one glass i said no a bottle though it was her that was going to have a heart attack about it ,

Some of these Gps are up themselves aren't they, a three year old would get more respect these days. Good Ol Southern Comfort YES!!!

Blessings. Lee. 🍷

Vashti you poor woman. You do not need some gabbling GP to be going on at you. You self medicate because you have to sometimes and that means you are too ill to be traipsing along to any surgery. Are they going to come out to you then next time? No, probably not. Funny you mentioning pregabalin though as Pete was prescribed that by the sweeter-than-sugar nurse in Southampton who thought that it would help with his back pain. It didn't because it just made him feel a bit squiffy and out of it so back on the Gabapentin he went. Anxiety bust eh! that says it all then.

Hope you have a good weekend anyway.

Clocks go back folks! Don't forget. xxxxxxxxx

Don't you just love these "specialists" that think they know how we feel, better than we do? People with our illnesses nearly always have standby abs etc., So where's she been living ....on the moon?

Enjoy your Southern Comfort....too sweet for me, I'd rather have a Jack Daniels! XX

What a performance!

I was given Pregabalin for Neuropathic pain after my radiotherapy. I gave it a week, during which I was a zombie, and slept the week away. I was then given Amitriptyline, which worked fine. It took a bit of getting used to, but I was able to function properly.

Some people like Lyrica (Pregabalin.) I continue with Laroxil (Amitriptyline) at 12 drops a day. I take 2 drops in the morning, and 10 at night which helps me sleep. I've been on it since 2008, and the doctors are happy with all of that. It does dull the emotions and libido somewhat, so I assume it is helping with anxiety. I drink wine at lunch and at dinner. French doctors positively encourage wine I'm happy to say! 'Hic'


The idea of the Home Management Pack is so that you can self medicate and NOT have to call and ambulance to go to hospital. When I start using mine I request another lot online. This also advises the surgery that I am having an exacerbation or flare up as they like to call it now. Self management is an NHS directive not a local GPs whimsy.


Vashti I take Gabapentin which was prescribed for nerve pain- I think it has similar qualities to Pregabalin. Anyway once when I was going through a particularly bad time I asked for an antidepressant and my doc refused and said not while I was on Gabapentin. I`d be guided by what your consultant said- plus it gives you the excuse for a tot of Southern Comfort instead ! Keep well, Sheila x

Hi vashti I was given pregbalin for anxiety, it just made me feel dizzy so stopped taking it. I just pop some kalms now when I feel low or anxious. It would be nice to have something that just calms you when you need it, and not have to take it all the time. Enjoy your southern comfort. A nice glass of white wine for me. Take care x x

Vashti, this woman must have dropped from another planet! Just go on doing whatever it is you do and if you're coming off Seroxat do it slooooowly!

When I moved house plus GP they did the same the old ones were more than happy to let me make my own call as to when my lungs needed help with my rescue pack. But the lot I have now find it difficult to deal with the thought I know my own body and if I have more than one problem they do not have the time to deal with that?

With me now having to go to A&E because they are closed or fully booked. They seem to take humbridge that I did not see them earlier?

I do now have a marker on my name that will get me in to see a GP ( Whoever is available) if I state it it is urgent. As they have at last confirmed that my lungs are crap plus it was not all my heart conditions causing me problems!

If I was not on the AB's I would have a drink with you!

Be Well

O dear did you get your emergency pack ?

Dear Vashti you can make the most annoying irritating situation sound funny. Than goodness all the GPs in our practise are supportive & knowledgeable. I think Bailey's over ice is very medicinal sloths the nerves & dulls the sences.

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