Th things they say

Our 7 year old granddaughter was round yesterday. I asked her how many conkers the squirrels had taken from their enclosed back garden. All of them she said , I had 56. I told her it was like they would have buried some in their garden and trees may start to grow. She looked at me for a moment and said, gran I understand it takes 80 years to grow a tree and I don't think I will be into conkers then. I had no answe to that.

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  • Out of the mouth of babes!! lol. xxx

  • Hello Joyce

    Grandchildren never fail to amaze me with what they come out with....normally at the most inappropriate moment !!

    I dare not repeat some of the things my little darlings have come out with....and l might add they have not picked these things up at home...normally off their friends at school !!!

    Grandma Velvet xx

  • As a lot of you probably know, I lost my husband Mike eight weeks ago & my family have been such a support to me but, in particular, our three Grandsons have been so wonderful. The youngest one, Harrison, who always seems to know what to say, came out with this one night as he was going to bed ( he's six !) "Grandma- I wish things could last for ever. I know it was God's decision, but I don't think he realised how much we all loved Grandad & how much we are going to miss him." As we rightly say, out of the mouths of babes.

  • It`s surprising how intuitive young ones can be. When i lost my husband my three little granddaughters talked about Grandad constantly, still do. Much better than the "respectful" avoidance of mentioning the loved one`s name. I`m not going to offer any platitudes Helen. Losing someone you love hurts, it hurts like hell and allow yourself the right to be sad and angry. Cry when you want, shout at God when you want (he`ll understand) and be kind to yourself. Lots of love, Sheila x

  • Bright as a button ,,,,,

  • She is.

  • Clever girl! xxxx :)

  • I spoke to our grandson the other day about me doing something for Great Grandma. He asked me if she was old like me! Thanks for that I said! Had to laugh though. xxx

  • What would we do without them.

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