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Can any of you wonderful friends out there suggest anything that will help to break up phlegm as I am coughing my guts up and getting nowhere fast, I am wheezing so much that if I am in company someone who may not know asks what the strange noise is so I have to explain that it is me. I cannot walk far without fighting for breath. I am on a Ventolin inhaler which is obviously not enough, I have tried various inhalers but get such awful side effects, I am seeing my doctor on Wednesday as I really need help now but thought I would talk to you lot first as I am sure some of you have been through this yourselves.

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  • I also have bad side effects from the inhalers and am allergic to Ventolin so there is nothing I can suggest but I hope someone else can help you.

  • HiTrownail. Its a prescription tablet taken 4 times a day, called CARBOCISTEINE .

    Once its working for you cut down to three a day then two until mucus is loose, also you can obtain a salt pipe Amazon do them, one model has a five year supply of salt crystals built into it. hope these help, it wont happen over night but you should notice looseness within two or three days. hop this helps regards Neo

  • ATROVENT inhaler may help also Neo.

  • Do you take carbocysteine? It breaks up and moistens the mucus.

    Recently I've had two occasions abroad when I ran out of mine. I asked at the pharmacy and in both France and Croatia they gave me actylcisteine and told me it was exactly the same. I know you can buy this over the counter in Holland and Barrett here in UK.

    I expect you know to drink loads to moisten everything everywhere.

    I learnt at PR that you can put 10 squirts of ventolin in a spacer and it's the same as nebulising it. I would fancy doing that at night though. You could try two or three?

    Anyway, good luck at doc on Wednesday - if it were me I'd be ringing for an emergency appt tomorrow. P x

  • Try and get some respiratory Physio to help. Also ask about further tests re various lung conditions via consultant at hospital. Ask about the use of a nebuliser - these are supplied via hospital.

    good luck.

  • I take Symbicort morning and night and it has helped me alot. I also take Rikoden if the cough gets too bad plus a Benedryl Extra Mucas linctus. Hope this helps a bit.

  • Have you tried drinking a glass of warm water with a slice of lemon at least four glasses a day, also if you have one, a saline Neb helps,I find carbocistine makes me very dry after a few doses so I take only one per day, but each of us react differently to medication as you know.

    I have just been given a Flutter mucus device by Physiotherapist and can't believe how well it works for getting mucus off chest.

    Hope you get some relief soon

  • Hi, I use Carbocistine, I suppose it works for me but if I have a very wheezy chest and have difficulty walking very far without before using my inhaler, I go to the doctors and get a 2 week coarse of Clarithromycin, always clears everything up for me.

  • We were taught at PR how to do the Huff technique, you breathe in and then huff out four or five times. Difficult to explain but there is a video by a respiratory physio on youtube.

    don't know if this link will work but you can copy and paste it into you address bar. Keep smiling

    Carole x

  • Hi Carole, Just watched the video, very interesting and informative, will come in very useful. Thank you! TIna.x

  • Hi Trownail, you need to have serious discussions with your GP to get this sorted. Even if you have to complain to resolve the matter. It is obvious your illness is not controlled or managed correctly. However there are some things you can do, I was like you when first diagnosed, I now take three inhalers per day but still have some problems with cough. Warm frequent drinks help, honey, ginger, garlic, cinnamon are some possibilities in warm water for relief of symptoms. If Inhalers are a problem then maybe lung exercises might help at a rehab gym. Sometimes powder inhalers are better than ones with propellants and there are lots of new ones about now which although not cheaper work better for those with side effects. Your local chemist is a good place to discuss drug side effects and what options might be better. But speaking from experience it is very much a case of trial and error if you want drug control, there are mucus loosening drugs also available from GP. My friend used to swear by DO DO tablets from the chemist without prescription. Hope some of this helps and good luck on Wednesday. x

  • I take carbocisteine capsules they help but this next one sounds bizarre but it works I either eat a bowl of ice cream or a creamy milk shake that helps me cough stuff up good luck

  • Have u tried Mucinex? And I have just heard about the Salt Pipe. Ordered mine today. Sorry you are having problems.

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