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This may sound strange, but I started spiriva a few days ago. (Spiriva respimat). I actually think my breathing is worse. My dr. Said to take it for a week and see how I feel then. My question is, has anyone else experienced the same thing. And if so, how long did it take to notice a difference in improvement. maybe I'm expecting too much too soon. Any answers would be very much appreciated.

Thank you. Barbara

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  • Spiriva is a preventer not a rescue inhaler

  • Actually bless its a long-acting bronchodilator rather than a preventer. I hope you dont mind me pointing this out. R

  • No I don't mind.

  • Hi I took Spiriva for months but it still made me a bit more breathless so I have stopped taking it now. Give it a bit more time and see what happens.

    I told my doctor who urged me to perservere as it is a long acting bronchilitor and is designed to strengthen the lungs. x

  • I am the same - did you get a different inhaler? x

  • No I just have the one where you put the pill in and inhale it. x

  • I found that it took me 10 or more days to adjust to Spiriva . I was tempted to quit it at first because my lungs /chest were registering a number of odd sensations and my breathing never seemed to improve. But I found that I could walk a great distance further without being weary. And I fully adjusted to any odd feelings after a week or so.

    I am completely underwhelmed however with any effect of it making me feel that I breathe better.

  • I took Spiriva and had to discontinue it because it gave me tachycardia after two weeks use...

  • I have been on Spiriva for several years and it has reduced the frequency of getting a really tight chest that was preventing me from trying to keep my muscle tone up. I still get breathles but I can walk on the level all day and even climb ladders slowly. The benefits vary as everyone is different but it is worth persevering whilst your body adjusts. I also have Symbicort twice a day so whether that affects things I can't say.

    Good luck and don't be put off by the contra indications in the blurb they are all statistically rather rare.

  • Thanks for your input. I'm going to keep taking it and see if it helps long term. I also take symbicort. That helps a lot. seems like most people who take spiriva say it does take awhile to start working.

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