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A month has passed

Hi I told you all a month ago that I was starting on xolair jabs to help with my breathing,well the first month was good there was a slight improvement in the first 3 weeks then I felt it wasn't working,my husband says he could see the difference within a few days I wasn't so breathless doing things which normaly would leave me struggling for breath I can honestly say I feel more alive wanting to do things which I haven't wanted to do for ages,I had my send course of jabs this morning and was fine after them,I asked Jennifer my nurse if the jabs would get less effective after 3 weeks which would correspond with me thinking it stopped working she said yes so I'm happy about that so fingers crossed things will get better and better I don't want to run the marathon but a nice stroll with husby would be lovely hope your all keeping well on here .

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good luck hope you keep improving take care


Glad that it seems to be working, give it time ime sure you will not regret it


I'm on my fifth jab and have noticed an improvement. The first week I'm generally unwell after them need to be prescribed anti sickness but have what I say a good two weeks and can definitely feeling it wearing off about five days before next one due. I'm like you dint expects to run a marathon but a nice walk without struggling will be lush. All the best x

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Thank you Paula it's nice to know there are other people on here that's at the same time scale as me xx


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