Feeling lost

My husband was rushed into Resus yesterday - doctors think due to severe heart failure exacerbated by severe COPD. All the hospital staff have been so kind but Im now at home on my own and feeling so lonely. I will be going back to the hospital shortly with different bits and pieces which he needs but I'm almost too frightened to go. I want to phone to find out how he is before I go but I'm also frightened to hear what they say. I don't have any family - as I said to one of the doctors "to you, he's a patient. To me, he's everything". Not sure why I'm writing this but just had to tell someone. Jan x

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Jan sending you supportive hugs and love ♥♥♥

Thank you

Dear janann, I am so sorry to hear about your husband. I am sending you all my best wishes and I hope all goes well today.

Take care

Thank you

Don't fear anything go back and face what is there. There so many people who will read And reply to your post...you really are not alone.

You have my heart felt sympathy..


Take care.


Thank you

It is difficult when you have no one to share your anxieties with but we are all here for you. Once you get to see hubby again I'm sure you will feel better. Lots of love and best wishes to you both we are thinking of you.

Jan x

Oh, how sad and difficult for you both, Jan. Go there, and be there for him. Whatever the outcome, he will want you to be with him through it, the way you've been with him through all the other events in your lives together. Blessings, M.

Hello Jan

I am so sorry to hear your husband is ill, my thoughts, love and hugs are sent to both of you at this difficult time.

Please do not feel lonely, we are all here for you, night and day.

I am sure the hospital would have called you if your husband condition had deteriorated, so hopefully no news is good news.


Velvet xx

Don't feel lonely Jan, we are all here to offer you moral support. I hope you find your husband stable and maybe even a little improved. Do let us know how you both are doing.

So sorry I hope your husband gets better.I am thinking of you.

So sorry to hear about your Hubby, don't be afraid as the hospital would have phone to let you know if things has changed since you left him.

I hope you have a peaceful time with him on your visit today. X

Oh Jan, how scary for you. I am so sorry for you - sending you lots of love and wishing your husband all the very best. Remember we are here to support you - dont be alone xxxx

Jan, I am so sorry to hear your news but, as everyone's saying, no news is good news & the Hospital would have been in touch with you if they were concerned. Do you have neighbours or friends who could support you through this anxious time - I do hope so . Please let us know how things are today & you know we all send our love & thoughts to you & your husband. xxxx Helen.

Hi,Jan, so sorry to hear about your husband, a cliché I know, but he's in the right place, I hope and pray they will soon sort him out and he'll be on the road to recovery. Thinking of you both.

Love and healing thoughts on there way.

Take care.

Christine. XXX

Oh Jan my heart goes out to you, but as others have said the hospital would have let you know if he deteriorates. So you just go and spend time with him. We are all here for you. Much love Sheila xx

Jan, so sorry to hear about your hubby, it is such a difficult time for both of you so spend as much of it together as you can. Will be thinking of you both today.

take care

polly xx

One step at a time......

(((HUGS))) and best wishes. xx

Thinking of you both.

Love and best wishes


Hi Jan

Sorry to hear about your husband. At least he is in the right place. Hopefully the medics will explain everything when you phone. Try to stay strong. I too have severe COPD and the breathlessness can be frightening at times. I will say a little prayer.

Take care


Thinking of you & sending my best wishes. Your husband will be getting the best of care so enjoy your visit with him. X

I appreciate how you are feeling about your Husband, Jan. They are so precious. It takes their sickness to make really clear how we do feel about them. You are very welcome to PM me any time you feel overwhelmed by worry at any time. You are far from being alone in this forum, believe me XXX

Thank you all so much for your support - I shed a few tears. He's holding his own but have had to have distressing conversation about resuscitation - still praying he will be OK for a while longer. Thank you again all of you. Jan xx

Bless you jan, it is so hard to see a loved one suffering so I am sending you lots of love and support as a wife and carer myself. Thinking of you and your dear hubby at this very difficult time.

Lots of love, Carole xxxx

Thinking of you. I hope you can be strong for him, he's probably feeling lost too.

I wish you both all the very best. Peege

Thinking of you both. Sending you live and best wishes xx

Good morning Jan, So very sorry to hear your darling one is in hospital, I know exactly how you are feeling. Spend every minute you can with him,tell him how much you love him,and how much he means to you, Doctors ( or medicine) work wonders these days,so he could be much better today,I do hope so,my thoughts are with you, Regards, Bulpit

Hi 🙋 Jan,my wife is Jan as well and I I'm always in and out of hospital with a heart condition so I'm putting her through it,but bless and love her she takes it in her stride now,hopefully they will sort me out shortly so I doesn't happen anymore but you keep writing Jan cos there are loads of lovely people on here in the same situation who will listen,read and understand what your going through,bless you both Peter.

Hello Jan

There's not anything I can add to all the words of wisdom here.

Just wanted to say we understand and dont be afraid to post how you feel.

Keep it in the day.

Ann 💜

P.S. I'm Ann. I have a friend called Janet and everyone calls us The Jananns!

So sorry to hear about your husband hope all goes well big hug let us know how you both are x

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