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Golden milk 2

In my recent post about the benefits of golden milk I mentioned I'd read about it in Dr Mercola's newsletter. Unsurprisingly I got the usual tosh about snake oil salesman etc.

Yes he's made lots of money and good luck to him. He hasn't made a penny out of me!

When I read articles about alternative/complementary therapies, I usually then do lots of research before making up my own mind whether or not they may be of help to me in my quest for better health.

I googled 'golden milk' and low and behold there were lots of sites extolling its benefits, which is why I decided to share this info.

I assumed we were all adult enough to make our own decisions and maybe do our own research.

It seems that some of you would rather go unquestioningly down the pharmaceutical route, and seem to be taking more and more drugs, inhalers, steroids etc etc.

I would never suggest for one minute that you stop taking your medications, in some cases it could be dangerous, but I'd just like you to be aware that it wouldn't do any harm to try to help yourself.


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think there is a lot to be said for natural remedies , at least with them you don't get the side affects that lots of drugs have ,

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I think if something works for you then it works. I swear by a good single malt for dealing with a sore throat but my GP still won't prescribe it for me.

If you make judgemental comments though about other people's choices then you cannot claim any moral high ground about your own. I doubt you will find many sufferers of chronic illness who don't try to help themselves but they do it in their own way with their own research and according to who they choose to trust. You just have to accept that or else all you are doing is inviting "the usual tosh" upon yourself :-)


Ok Minushabens, point taken.




Coincidently, I heard about the benefits of curcumin - the active ingredient in turmeric, twice more in the space of a few days. An Indian taxi driver was the first to mention it after picking my son and myself up from the dentists. He began by telling us about dental 'remedies' and then went on to recommend 1teaspoon of turmeric mixed in a mug with a teaspoon of honey and topped up with hot milk as a general 'cure all'. You don't take it everyday, or in his words 'for you, at bedtime once a month to start with and you feel like a teenager - not more often til your system is more used to it'. Then only a day later two ladies sitting behind me on the bus were discussing the benefits of taking a curcumin supplement from Holland and Barretts. So having heard about it three times in a few days, I think I'm going to give it a go, think I'll start with the supplement first tho', in case my constitution isn't quite up to the 'genuine mix'.

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As I said before, I have a friend who thinks Dr. Mercola is a very interesting man and sends me his newsletters sometimes. She likes to think I can get Pete interested but he is doing ok as he is. My friend has sarcoidosis and doesn't take any drugs whatsoever. She suffers from tiredness, sleeplessness and other things but is otherwise doing well. Each to their own I say. xxxx


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