Hello everyone,

I don't talk much because I don't often have anything to say, but I felt a need to pop in and say hi!

I enjoy reading the posts you all leave. I just finished reading the one on Vitamin D. It was interesting. I was recently given 1000 iu of vitamin d to take each day because I had a slight low count of 25ng. so I have been taking the little soft gel for a few weeks now. I think it is only 1000 mg so nothing to be concerned over. I did get much from the reading though.

I had my follow up visit with my pulmonary doctor this week. So far the tests he have given me are aok. He ordered a few new one too. I complained of my muscles not seeming to recover properly and he gave me the following to follow up on:

dexi - scan, walk test, breathing test, pneumonia shot and flu shot plus 5 blood tests-aldolase; creatine kinase; erythrocyte sedimentation; hemoglobin A1c; and lipid

Of course some of these tests are routine and others are for research, but over all I like the idea that my doctor is thorough. He will check out anything he can. So wish me the best of results .I will not race to the facility to do them I will saunter in over the net month or two. My results may not come until Christmas.

When I went to the doctor, who is on a board for lung transplants, I asked him about a transplant. Well, my sister in law is going to have a transplant and I thought well if she can I can so I was interested. Not any more though. I am qualified at the moment. I am at the cusp of the age limit, 65. I am healthy with a good heart, have a n acceptable weight and so on. First off , I thought it would extend life. He said no it is more for quality of life vs quantity. Second, I did not realize that it requires a pill regime of 22 expensive pills a day for the rest of our life, and it is within the first year that a person is mostly at risk of death. Well. I was a little confused because my sister in law seems to think she will be able to live longer with her transplant, but other than that bit of confusion, I have no interest any longer. I am happy to take my bit of oxygen for the rest of my life vs a transplant. MY doctor did check to see if I would benefit from a lung reduction, but he said my disease was equally distributed throughout my lung and no large areas could be extracted to benefit me.

So this is my update for a while . Just wanted to catch up with ya'll ( a southern USA expression).

Take care and keep writing and reading . We learn a lot here. I am happy to be a part of the group.

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  • Hi punky, Its a lovely forum isn't it. I admire your decision and in same circumstances would have chosen the same thing, well done. Ive not long been using this forum just a few months so still don't know everyone. You also take care and keep popping in, will be nice to catch you around.


  • It is a nice forum. I am glad to meet you ...

  • Hi Jjude- I am sorry my earlier response was so short. That is not like me...lol Something must have been going on to distract me...I feel comfortable saying no.. I will do my best to live as long as I can as I am... I am sure you will get to know everyone in a very short time. We are a friendly lot of people... :)

  • Morning punky, your positive outlook will stand you in good stead for what the fates bring. I too have a very positive attitude towards what life brings and tend to just go with the flow. Don't worry about the shortness of a response, just the fact we respond positively makes all the difference.


  • hugs, loves and prayers to you!

  • Hi Punkyb, You haven't been on for a while.

    People can live years with a transplant and I doubt they would do them if they didn't increase life expectancy as well as quality of life.

    The forum is great for learning things to help us keep as well as possible and it's nice to have people to tall to.

    Good luck with your tests. xx

  • I will try to pop in more and leave a note or quote...thanks. I sort of thought the way you think about transplants and m6 sister in law thinks it is going to increase her life span so maybe it is a difference of opinions from doc to doc. For me I am not a good risk taker so I will stay with what is. I pray my sil does real well...I met a guy in rehab that was doing great! So maybe my doc is a pessimist...lol

  • Hi Punkyb, I suppose we have to weigh up the pros and cons of everything, and an op like that is certainly a big decision, but at least you made the effort to look into it, so now you know what the alternative might have been. Well done.

    Keep in touch with the site, you don't always have to have anything to say, sometimes just a picture, a quote, or a joke keeps people smiling. But you 'd be surprised a what little snippets people might be interested in, so give it a try :-)

    jan x

  • Thanks...I will try to come and say things more or find encouraging things to share. I am happy with my decisions. I am a conservative and tend to err on the side of caution . I do pray my sil will do very well.

  • hi I have only been in the group for a few months but getting to know people now what a great bunch there is here we have some laughs together and it generally helps the day along , hope all your results are good. good luck take care

  • Thank you and glad your here!

  • Hi Punky

    Long time no see! Glad to hear your doing well. As for the vitamin D dose, my level is 13. Dr. told me to take 4,000.

    I believe a transplant is a miraculous thing. So many lives are saved. My sons

    life was saved with a liver transplant.

    Without it, he wouldn't be here today.

    I also believe, if you don't need it, leave it alone. He does take many pills every day. He now has high sugar, and high blood pressure. The pills keep your immune system suppressed. You have to be very careful not to get sick. All of this, is a small price to pay for the gift of life . Sounds like you have a really good doctor.

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Thank you Ruby...I love positive feedback...I do not get time to visit much but am hoping soon that will e different. Every day there has been something...

    That is great for your son! I think it is important to weigh all facts and options. I know you and I think alike on this...

    Well off to sleep- have a wedding to go to tomorrow

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