Just a update on my progress from my double lung transplant

It's now 8 weeks since I had my op. I'm doing really well the doctors are really happy with my progress. It's so nice to be able to breathe without oxygen. And do the normal things s 40 year old woman does. My kids are so happy that they have finally got there mum back especially my 11 year old son after 18 months of being so desperatly poorly xxxx

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Congratulations what a brave lady you are hope you keep improving.

so nice to hear good news like yours . good luck take care

That's fantastic news! Your family must all be delighted for you. Wishing you well in your recovery πŸ’–

That's really good news, you must be over the moon. Take care not to push yourself too hard, too soon. My very best wishes for a happy, healthy future.

O yes. I agree with all the above. Best of luck and love. Take care and one step at a time xx piggi

Wow Chelle that's fantastic. I bet you feel like a new woman. Well done. xx

Such wonderful news to be ending my evening with. Thank you so much for posting us all an update. I hope that you are able to stay well and continue with your steady progress.

Congratulations and best wishes, Rib

Wow that is such good news Chelle. I am so happy for you and your family everything has gone so well. Really sweet of you to let us know and really great to end the evening on such an uplifting post.

Enjoy the new you.

With love


So glad your doing so well x

It's great to hear your doing so well. You must be ecstatic and I wish you a very long and happy life. xx

Congratulations on your operation, sounds like your doing really well. I wish you all the luck in the world, hope you have a happy and healthy future.

Kim xxx

so happy for you and your family

Thats absolutely wonderful,you have been such a brave lady & deserve all the happiness coming your way.Your family too,they have coped so well,& must be in such a good place now,having there "old" Mum back.

Wishing you all many happy times ahead,

hugs to all,Wen xxx

It's wonderful news, it must feel like a miracle to you. Now you can go on and have a happy life. Bright blessings, Polly x

Hi Michelle I am so happy for you and the kids. Especially your 11 year old- twiceshy and Porsche would be thrilled to know..... Enjoy yourself and best wishes to you allxxx

Fantastic news, so happy for u and ur family. Take care xx Sonia xx

Love your positive post and know it will help lots of other members. Glad you are feeling so well.

Thank you for letting us know - that's wonderful news - all best wishes to you and your family for the future. xx

I am thrilled for you and your family, it is wonderful news and I am so happy for you! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠπŸŽˆ

Wonderful news. So fantastic that you can now enjoy life with your family xx

Fantastic news, so happy for you and your family.

take care

polly xx

Hi, Michelle, that's brilliant news. I'm so glad everything has gone so well for you, and hope your progress keeps on improving. It must be such a relief for you and your family, I bet you feel like a new woman, and they are so pleased to have you back to (nearly) your old self.

Take care, lots of love and best wishes for a lovely, healthy future.

Christine. XXX

I am so very happy for you and your family Michelle you have done bloomin' marvellous!!!😁 well done, such an uplifting story!πŸ™‹πŸ˜ huff xxx

that's great news, wishing you a speedy recovery :-) jan x

I am so happy for you and sure hope things continue to improve.

Take care.

Hi, Michelle, Heartening news that you have got your life back. Good luck to you and your family in the future. Also, no doubt, grateful thanks to those that made it possible. What a wonderful NHS we have. God bless you all.

I'm so pleased you were so brave I wish you all the very best wishes for the future x

We have had some sad news over the last few days,

This is just what we all needed ,the fantastic news that you are doing so very well

Michelle XX Sally

Wishing both you and your family my very best wishes. You are one brave lady.

I am so, so pleased for you and your family - may you have many many healthy years ahead of you - all too late for me but makes me so happy to hear your story - take great care xxx

Wonderfully heartening news, I'm so happy for you! X

Wonderfull news Michelle! So glad to hear your doing so well.😊 Hope you'll keep us updated, with your progress.

Rubyxx 😊

that's awesome its encouraging to see that there is hope my wife is going through all the test to end up on the list so its nice to see that one day it will pay off thanks for sharing your story it gives me hope my wife's name is also Michelle but she doesn't get on this site because it brakes her heart to read these stories but I keep checking for a story like yours once in a while and I'm glad I found it thank you and God bless you

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