Hello Everyone.

Hope you're all keeping as well as possible! !

I'm a Bronchi person.

Can you tell me what the "danger point " for oxygen level?? Mines around 85.

I can get around my flat - its small and manage the stairs sĺowly with controlled breathing. Can only walk outside less than 100 yards.

A very experienced physio friend of mine said l should monitor levels and speak to

consultant in October. She felt l should perhaps have oxygen when outdoors.

Any words of wisdom.

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  • Hi

    85 is to low, 88 is the cut of point from where you can suffer organ damage if left unchecked.

    I was put on oxygen for exercise and moving round when mine dropped to 83 when walking a short distance 2lpm, with oxygen assessment every six months, increased to 4 lpm on my last test.

    Your test, a six minute walk test will be carried out by your respitory team, you may also need a ABG arterial blood gases test. this is to see if you need oxygen at rest.

  • Hello

    Thanks for that.

    I'll monitor it for a few days.

    Pardon my ignorance, how does it work. Do you have to carry a big pack around outdoors. I cant at the moment carry anything - apart from my handbag!


  • Hi

    Depending on your oxygen requirements,

    You can be offered,

    Oxygen cylinder with trolley.

    Liquid oxygen with flask, which you carry like a backpack.

    Or a portable oxygen concentrate comes with trolley.

    A lot depends on your requirements in LPM, and your environment.

    The higher your requirements interms of LPM will reduce the equipment suitable for you.

    Equally above ground level will also reduce what you can safely use.

    When you have your assessment and know your actual oxygen requirements, you can then discuss with the respitory team the most suitable equipment that meets your needs.

    Remember to explain what you want expect to achieve when using oxygen.

    Also remember it is only another medicine.

  • Hi Stone,

    Thank you so much!

    This is really helpful.


  • Think your oxygen level is too low better have a check up ASAP

  • Thank you. Will do. 😊

  • Yes I agree 85 is way too low. Get an urgents doctors appointment for tomorrow. x

  • Thanks Coughalot.

    Love the name!

  • Ha ha well I do coughalot amnihami so you are lucky this is virtual! :) x

  • Hi, Amnihami

    I finished a walking test/assessment yesterday, whilst carrying a super light oxygen tank set on 3 litres/m, and on completion my oxy level was 64%. Within 2 minutes it was back up into the 80s then low 90s, so the respiratory nurse was not too concerned as the recovery time was so short. I had previously been told that 80% was the point for concern, but I think this must refer to a reading when you are resting/not exerting yourself in any way.

    Nowadays, because I no longer panic about it, I walk further with more frequent stops to get my breath back, but not off the beaten track, so far. Believe me, I was the 20 yards and stop guy before. Then 50, followed by 100 yards as a target. Now it's 200 and a bit, for a total distance of 1,200 yards. Not breaking any records, but the glass of red at the end of it is reward enough.

    Small thing - it's easy to do the walking in the Summer. Now that it's starting to get chillier, do keep warm and even breathe through a scarf wrapped around your neck and lower face. That way, the air coming into your lungs is not going to be icy - and nobody can recognise your face or see your suffering !!

    Take care,


  • Hi Dec,

    "I had previously been told that 80% was the point for concern"

    I would like to know on what basis you were told that 80% was an acceptable cut-off. That is way below what pretty much all of us have been told, which is 88%. And my understanding is that 80% at rest would be disastrous. Maybe there is some particular aspect of your health situation that i don't know about, but i would feel concerned if anyone who doesn't know much about oxygen were to see your reply and think 80% was ok.

    Im glad your distance is increasing, good for you. And recovery to low 90s within 2 minutes is fine.

    Plus good advice re breathing through a scarf - cold can trigger infection very quickly.

    All the best.

  • You!re right. I should leave advice to the professionals.

    Kind regards,


  • Cheers Dec, no worries, it takes a while to learn all the stuff, Im still learning after 15 years.

    All best :)

  • Hi amnihami, stone has covered it very well. yes 88 is the accepted bare minimum. You need to get tested asap. The tests mentioned by stone will give instant answers. Cheers Dave from the loS. breath easy exercise often.

  • Many thanks to everyone. I was trying to get a general view, from the "coalface". All the information was very useful.

    Will see if Ican get test done

    Have a feeling my GP will say wait till I see consultant on October 22nd.

  • If that does happen with your GP remember that levels of 85% of oxygen is far too low and could be damaging your organs. If you get any chest pains or other symptoms or at any time feel you need help then do not hesitate to dial 999 or if you don't feel able to do that then at least contact the NHS 24 help line. The Oxygen services are excellent where I live so I am sure if you have to go on oxygen they will make sure you have suitable equipment. One thing I found really helpful was my request for a Walker.......one with either 3 or 4 wheels. I prefer the 3 wheeled one as it folds easier. This has been a fantastic help for times when I don't need my wheelchair. I just dump my oxygen canister in the bag on the walker and my handbag fits too!

  • Thank you.

    I'll take on board what you've said.

    I wondered how you cart it about, as i have osteoporosis, so a back pack wouldn't work.

    My daughter said I could put it in in my shopping trolley.

    Take care. 😊

  • I have been told to seek medical help is sats drop below 88. One morning I woke they were 70 hubby had to call an ambulance. I retain carbon dioxide so understand the seriousness of sats dropping now. Also I have been told not to leave it if the go high that bit I have not understood yet! 88-92 is my marker and shouldn't go above or below. Perhaps some more experienced members on here would understand why I can't go higher? Xx

  • Thanks.

    Im trying to monitor them.

    Im off to blf exercise soon.

    That'll b interesting . ☺

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