it never rains but it pours

i am in the middle of various tests ( not copd related) but now half way through and waiting for some test results, i went to my docs yesterday only to find it had burned down ,i tried their web site but no information about booked appointments, except to say they are trying to find alternative premisies i also needed some prendisolone and azithromycin, so i went to the chemist who i deal with , he very kindly gave me some without a prescription ,he said he will sort it out with my docs when they get sorted

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  • That was off putting to find out that your surgery had been burned down. I know that my surgery where I used to live was flooded out - so much so it had to close. There was a "sister" surgery 2-3 miles which was being used. Your health files must have been burned as well. So where was the staff??

  • from what i was told all computers were lost but these days records are backed up and kept on a different site :it was 3 in the morning when the fire occured, there were three fires in the town between 1 and 4 in the early hours ,the police are treating them as arson

  • What a shock that must have been, our surgery has 2 centers. I hope your test results are good Whit. xx

  • me too

  • Hi Whit,

    At least you got your meds okay from the pharmacist, but what a palaver and major event to happen. You cannot help but wonder if all the computers etc got destroyed with all of your information. Hopefully they will put something up on the website soon, but it cannot be easy to find suitable premises.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • hi huggs, see my reply to pergola

  • I have read it now Whit, and its an awful thing to happen, there are so many twisted people around. Thank goodness the back up hard drives are kept in a different site.

    You have got me thinking now about my practice. There is only one on the island which adjoins the cottage hospital, so it would be interesting to find out what the procedure is here.

    Its chaotic enough there without all records being lost.

    I hope they find the culprits of these arson attacks quickly and they get what they deserve.

    take care,

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Hey what island is that?

  • Its the Isle of Bute off the west coast of Scotland.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Nice place to live I think

  • Its lovely, very safe and stunning scenery.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Might go one day. Get by boat or plane?

  • lol unless you have your own small private plane its a ferry you will need.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • Thanks nice to know

  • You are welcome. If you google it, there is loads of footage on you tube and the island has its own website.

    hugs from Huggs xxx :)

  • not something you expect to see when you go to doctors at least you got an understanding chemist don't think our would never seen a chemist takes so long he undo packets and bottles of tablets and counts counts them twice before you get them

  • Crikey whit I bet you got a shock. Lucky you have a great pharmacist, just like mine - they are worth their weight in gold if you have a good one.


  • Good luck wit,how awful for you,thank goodness you have a good chemist.

    Best of luck with your results,keep smiling xx

  • Goodness me!

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