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How much weight

Hi. Been off steriods for three months and lost a stone. Was taken off as they did nothing for me. Local hosp thought l had bronchiolitis, however Brompton are unsure. Had a lung wash and needle aspiration done, now waiting for results.

Although it's great to lose weight after as l put it on with steriods. I am concerned as l am still losing weight. My doc could not answer me. Perhaps someone on here has dealt with weight loss after steriods.


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Hi sorry I can't help you at all but I'm sure someone will come along soon who can. All I can do is wish you well & hope everything turns out ok for you 🌺

Thank you. X

I was thinking, you'll maybe get an answer on your weight loss when you get your results back. Take care! 💖

Hi Pamilia, i have just been diagnosed, with Bronchiolitis, don,t really know much about it. Does anyone else have it ? Lovee Margaret x

Morning. Although l was at first told l had bronchoilitis and it seems l have not. L can't really tell u much. I do know that a lot of information did not come from my consultant but by what many would say is wrong the internet. Needless to say you read carefully and not make mountains out of molehills. Basically it's associated with little ones and rare for adults to get. Hence the response from a and e when admitted in Feb by a doc. Who was admit adults don't get it. They do. Hope this helps.


It was descibed as chronic Bronchiolitis and i think it is different from acute bronchiolitis more usually affecting children. Although as you say adults can get it. At the time the Consultant was talking about small airways disease & emphysema, plus my long term asthma. I think Bronchiolitis is a factor in copd, chronic inflamation of the Bronchiols . Love Margaret x

Not sure when ur seeing ur nurse/consultant. When you do, be firm and ask for more information, don't be brushed off. If you tell them that if they can't give answers ur refer to the internet, which they hate u doing, then they usually open up more.

They are not the ones dealing with it, you are. That way you can have a better say as to drugs, ect. On more than one occasion l said no to a drug as l had read about it and it's effects on bronchilitis and decided with my family history it was not for me.

My consultant at my local hosp says he would rather have a happy patient taking drugs then a stressed one.

As for getting my result from Brompton as to the true nature of my lung problems. I have already read up on possibilities as l just don't want to be told u have so and so, leave and then have a million questions that need answering.

Looks like u have done some research. To me, knowledge is not a bad thing if it helps to relieve the stress of what's ahead.....regardless of how it's obtained. That's why they send out operating details to you prior for ops.

Hope this helps in some ways.,As u really sound stress. Relax take each day as it comes. If ur anything like me, no two days are the same. Enjoy life. Xx

Hi, thanks for reply. I have had asthma and copd for many years. I was just puzzled about the reference to Bronchioltis, rather than Bronchitis, which at the moment is pretty clear. I don,t feel stressed, i am much better than in years. Love Margaret x

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