Just got a phone call

want to share that the hospital in Portland, Ore just called and they are accepting my husband for a tavi.

A TAVi is a new procedure to replace the aortic valve with out opening the chest. They run a line thru the groin and open it to crush the diseased valve and insert a mechanical one. Quick recovery. I only recently found out about this and don`t know if you have that where you are but hope so. Pretty exciting.

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  • Good news indeed. Best of luck to your husband. :)

  • Thank you Toci.

  • Sending best wishes to you & your husband. Hope it goes well 🌷

  • Thank you Happy to Chat.

  • I've never heard of it before but it sounds brilliant. The things they are doing now are incredible. xx

  • They're incredible but they still can't cure the common cold!

  • Best regards to your husband, patty.

  • HI Pattylusk, good news for your husband, interesting none invasive procedure, hope the wait is not too long. Best Wishes

  • @Casper,@Gerald99@Katieoxo60Thanks guys. It is today they are taking him in. Cardiograms x-rays-labs etc. and tomorrow at 9am the procedure . He was first referred in April and had all this same pre-op tests to see if he qualified and then 3 weeks ago they had him back and redid all the tests and he was scheduled for Sept 14,15 & 16th surgery but they called yesterday with an unexpected opening we could take. So we did. As his condition was worsening i am so glad it is sooner than expected.A ton of stress has been lifted. So grateful for my son taking him up for me. Really tough for me to have gone with him. Heavy smoke and barely breathing myself but all is good. I am with him in spirit every second. Thanks for all your encouragement.

  • Hi Patty, it's great they got him in early. I know you probably feel bad not being able to go with him, but, you would only be sat there fretting until it's over, just the same as you are doing at home. He'll be done and dusted and home again, before you know it. xxx

  • We got word. He is in recovery and it went well. thanks for your care.

  • The surgery was a sucess. He is in recovery now and everything went well. thanks all. Love to each of you.

  • His aortic valve surgery went well. He is in recovery. Thanks all for caring.

  • Wonderful news! I'm so happy for you. Best wishes to your husband for a speedy recovery. 🌺

  • Where are my replys going? Just want to let all know He had had his surgery and it went well.

  • Your replies are here! No problem reading them! Take care 🌷

  • Great news Patty, you must be over the moon. I wish him a speedy recovery and you take care of yourself too. xx

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