Morning everyone, Hope Tam is still asleep after poor night and strange events.

Still quite dark in Yorkshire,

Isn't the first mug of tea of the day just about the best thing ever?

If anyone were to tell me that I could never have alcohol again I would think "Oh, bugger…" If they said I could never have coffee again I would think "Oh fish-hooks…" BUt if they said I could never have tea again I think I would never get out of bed.

Kettle just turned itself off…

Have a good, refreshed, tea-sodden day…

K xxxx

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  • Welcome to the new day.

  • Good morning x

  • Morning. Just finished eating breakfast, small rasher bacon and fried egg yoke on a muffin enjoyed occasional treat.

  • Yum...

    Can I join you?

    K x

  • Very miserable in east lincs. Have done my tai chi air very damp but warm so OK had my coffee in the garden so set up for the day. Have a good day :-)

  • I love tea, don't drink coffee don't like the aftertaste. Must go teabags calling

  • Just had my first cup of tea, always the best one of the day. Got two great grandchildren coming over today with my daughter and one or two grandaughters.

    I better do a quick check, to put things that might be tempting to little fingers, out of the way. Also hide the dog biscuits as the littlest one is partial to them.

  • Good morning everyone. Just got home.

    5:00 a.m here. Hot and muggy all night.

    I agree Katinka about the tea. I do have one coffee before work. But when I wake up, that first cup of tea is heaven.


  • The first cup of tea or coffee in the morning USED to be the best thing ever, but not without the first cigarette to go with it! After 20+ years it's still the one I miss the most.


  • Oh I'm a tea-aholic too 😁 x

  • Tea is wonderful for so many reasons. I often do my thinking over a cup of tea. I am quite a thinker and ponderer at times. Think I will go and put the kettle on now. xxxx

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