My Garden

My Garden

Enjoy looking at everyones gardens &flowers so thought you might like to see my garden . Couldn't cope any more with the digging & mowing so got a garden landscaper in to change it. Now much easier to manage with the pot plants & baskets plus my husband helps out with all the heavy jobs. Have not spent much time in the garden due to all the rain we have been having. Hope you are having better luck! Tina.

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  • How beautiful your garden is. I hope warmer weather comes soon so you can sit outside.

  • Thankyou.

  • Tina, your garden is beautiful, I love the curved topped hedge and colourful planting. A bit too cold and damp here today to sit in the garden but we are promised better weather for the weekend. Xris

  • The fence the hedge is on is curved so its easy to shape it.

  • oooooo thats so pretty........i should do that too but i just love the smell of cut grass

  • Thankyou ,love the smell of grass but it effects my Asthma , have grass in the front garden , let my husband deal with that.

  • That is gorgeous, pity we haven't had the weather for you to sit out in it, maybe next week?

  • Thank you , Will be away next week so hopefully will get a day or two in the garden when I get back.

  • Where are you going ?

  • I am off to Northumberland for a few days , also paying a visit to Edinburgh as always wanted to go there. Hoping the weather stays dry when I get there.

  • Let's hope so, have a good time, don't drink too much scotch whiskey !! I love Scotland, been a few times.

  • Cant stand Whiskey but really like Scotland , been once before to Pitlochry and visited Lochness , the Queens view which was lovely and Braemar. Loved the drive through the Highlands , beautiful sight. Also nice was seeing the Aberdeen Angus cows ,look so cute .

  • Lovely garden Tina. Hope your enjoying it! I know I would 😊

    Rubyxx 😊

  • Thanks Ruby, used to enjoy watching the birds as I had a bird table in the garden but started to get pigeons coming and they scared the birds away and left their mess every where, even on my washing.

  • very pretty

  • Thankyou.

  • What a pretty place to sit.

  • Thankyou.

  • What a beautiful garden xxx

  • Thankyou.

  • It's a beautiful garden😁 I would love my garden to look so colourful and lush, looks like a great sun trap too!😁 xxx

  • Thanks, it is a north facing garden, so only get the sun in the morning and early afternoon, but nice when the sun is out.

  • WOW. Tina your garden is fantastic.

  • Thanks , I bet the flowers & bird life where you are fantastic , not so much the Tasmanian devils though eh? ha.

  • Not at the moment being winter.

  • Beautiful Tina, a lovely place to relax! xx

  • Thanks Sheilab.

  • That looks a great place to chill !

    Is that a view on the other side of the fence or just the way the picture came out ?

  • Hi, the side fence on the left has a view of the neighbours garden and over the back fence is a view of an Infant school.

  • Thanks.

    Silly me ! I've just took another look at the picture and you can see the railings ! :)

  • Lovely garden and looks easy to maintain enjoy☺️

  • Cheers , it is fairly easy to maintain.

  • A garden like deserves a Pymm's on the table and me dropping in to have a look around. X

  • Your welcome, any time you like!

  • Wow, what a fantastic garden xx

  • Thanks Lyn.

  • looks lovely well done

  • Thanks Mmzetor.

  • Wow! That's lovely Tina. Just wish I had a garden. XX

  • Thanks Nikkers, do you have plants indoors instead to cheer you up ?

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