Hi All,

Just got back home after a horrendous drive through holiday traffic with diversions, accident holdups and road works! nearly doubled the journey time!

Any way opened the mail and got my appointment at UHSM for 21 August. Funnily enough also had a phone message left by my other half's dentist saying they have to reschedule his appointment for 21st - were they psychic? Ha ha! Was going to have to reschedule it anyway!

The time can't pass quickly enough.



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  • So glad you've received your appointment it won't be long now. Who are you seeing ?

    Take care x


  • Thanks Deehbee. It says Professor Dennings Clinic but I guess it could be anyone of the Docotrs on duty that day - or maybe even more than one?

    How are you doing?




  • When I went the other day there were several consultants running the clinic. I'm struggling a wee bit especially in warm weather but powering through I'm determined to get back to work soon xx


  • You can do it I am sure. The heat is not good for people like us is it?

    Take care



  • Hi Sian

    Great News for you , and welcome back

    Velvet xx

  • Thanks Velvet!


  • Hi Sian- so glad you have your appointment,won't be long now . We also had pretty long drive down to Cornwall yesterday but our daughter's drive froM Sussex was worse - nine hours when it's normally five . Anyway we here now & the other two landed Heathrow at seven so they are on the way too . Weather is lovely so hope it stays like it all week . Take care , Love Helen .xxxx

  • Yes the traffic was horrendous. The A30 windening is bad enough but if you diverted via Camelford then there was a diversion out of the town there. Coupled with the Boardmaster at Newquay and normal summer time traffic it was just amazing. Glad you are there and think the sunshine is going to last for most of the week for you. Lovely here at the moment and it is our carnival this afternoon so going to have a great time.

    Enjoy your holidays.



  • I'm so glad you have it yeayyyy!!!!!!!Have a great weekend!😀

    huff xxxx

  • Thanks hufferpuffer! Going to celebrate!

  • Hi Sian, so pleased for you. Not long to wait. Have a lovely weekend.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • Thanks Suzy, How are you getting along? Hope everything is going well for you? The sun is shining strongly here and it is our carnival day in the village. Going to have a great afternoon - after I have put the washing on the line!

    Love to all



  • It's all happening 😊good luck,

    Hugs Wen xxx

  • Thanks Wen


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