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Good morning Sunshine


Hello all my lovely smiler friends, just popped in to say I hope you are all managing your problems with that smile, I am still waking up each morning which is a bonus so no complaints there, still fighting the cancer as it seems to like me as no matter what sort of treatment I have, it does not want to go away. I have another scan in a weeks time then back to the oncologist to see what treatment they have for me now as the lovely doctor in Exeter has said he will not do what I call the burning of the tumours (RFA)as it is not a cure and as happened last time can cause the lungs to collapse and weaken them more, other than that all is well.

Really good to read that Suzy is smiling and positive, what a lovely lady.

Right you are enjoy life as much as possible and remember please keep smiling and thank you for all the help and sorry no joke at this time. I think of you all when I need that little lift when things get a bit heavy.

Oh just to let you know I have spoken with Lyn and she is still taking really lovely photo's and getting on with her life.

That's all for now folks keep smiling xxx ;) :) Fred

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Hiya Fred great to see you. Keep on fighting love and you will reach 100 one day :) Nowadays there are lots of folk living with cancer for many years and enjoying life still. You have a very positive attitude and a great sense of humour. xx


G'day Mr smiley. Greetings from Down Under ( there must be a joke somewhere) you are in charge of yourself, doctors can't perscribe positivity and you have loads of that Fred, Love ya Leelee from Sydney and Michael (hubbie). 🐨 xxx

Hi Fred, fingers crossed for your next scan. I admire your determination and positivity, like you or not, that cancer's got to go !!! xxx


Hi Fred, great to hear from you again, I'm sure that with your positive attitude,you

will come through. I think of you often ( I do miss your jokes! ) and I do wish you well.


Now that's made me smile Fred seeing you on here this morning, my cousin often says 'I'm above ground not below, so it's a good day' keep trying to kick that pestie illness into keep, when ever you feel yourself falling in mood Fred, just think of us lot waiting to catch you xxxx

Hi lovely Fred - good to see you again. Hoping your scan and consultation go really well. You know we are all rooting for you sweetheart.

Love cx

Hi Fred, so glad to see you back, I've missed your cheery posts each morning. I hope things are improving for you now, your positive attitude and happy disposition go a long way to keep you going, although, I'm sure, you must still have your down moments, like all of us.

Love and hugs,

Christine. XXX


Hi Fred. Great to hear from you again. There have been a number of posts from people asking about you. You are a much loved and respected man. Keep on smiling, keep on fighting. Sue :)

" Hello my friend..It is so good to see your lovely posts again Fred..Always thinking of you....xxxx Megan,"

holly17 in reply to megannell

Hi Megan how are things going and dare I ask how is your love life going well I hope with your lovely lady from over the sea's. I am holding on in there as still have a lot to achieve in this life yet pal. Look after each other and keep smiling. Love Fred xx :)

Hiya Fred,lovely to hear from you,so pleased you are keeping a check on us all lol,tell Lyn I asked about her,and miss her photos. Take care Fred.x

hi fred good see you post again.


Good afternoon lovely Fred - how nice to see you on here once again. It seems as if the oncologist is wanting to do his very best for you so you let him and don't go giving up the fight. Wishing you and your lovely family well.

Missing Lyn and her beautiful photos but glad she is happy and doing well.

Take care - love and hugs, Carole xxxxx :)


Well the sun came out especially for you when I saw your post! Good to hear that Lyn is OK and that you are getting good treatment.

good to hear you are keeping your spirits up, will keep fingers crossed for your next scan, keep smiling.x

Hi Fred....even though I haven't been on this site very long, I felt connected to you and missed your stories very much. I do hope you can beat the monster "C"

And that you feel better. Best wishes and prayers for you. Jackie

How lovely to hear from you Fred - we really do miss you . We have just arrived in your part of the world,sort of ,I think. We are in Bossinney near Tintagel for a week with the family as it is our Golden Wedding next Friday so hoping for some good weather . Take care , love Helen .

Hello Fred, it's so good to see you 😀 I will keep 'thinking' of you being well again and free of cancer, I believe in the power of thought and smiling Smiler! You can beat this!😀

Sending positive thoughts huff xxx

Hi Fred. It is good to hear from you. Your PMA is an inspiration to all of us. I have been thinking of you and missed your jokes. I hope you get some good news soon and wish all the best. Andy xx

Hi Fred

Good to see your post. Miss you and Lyn. ☺ You keep fighting Fred. With your attitude you'll win. Kick that cancers butt! Hope your family is well.


How lovely to read your post Fred, you know you have been really missed. Sorry the cancer is being a determined B..... squatter; show it who is boss Fred. i hope the hospital come up with a treatment soon. I miss Lyn too & her lovely photographs, i hope she drops by. Every good wish Fred, love Margaret x


Hey Fred :) good to hear from u and glad Lyn is good too. Sending hugs and kisses to u both xox

Good morning Fred, so lovely to read your post,also that you have been in touch with Lyn, Please give her very best wishes if you speak to her again. Have a good weekend Fred, are you still having your girls to Sunday lunch, Regards, Bulpit.


Hi Fred,great to seeing you posting again,I was away for a while,with family illnesses,so missed out on some happenings.

Sorry indeed to hear that things aren't so well,but you have such a wonderful attitude,I'm sure you'll give the big C the flick,one of these days.

Take care Fred,

Big gentle hug to you,

Wen xxx

Fred!!! Lovely to hear from you, though sorry your having problems. Sending you a big hug. Love Sheila xx

Pleased to hear from you Fred. I hope the doctors have the answer - there is so much research into cancer that any day the right treatment could come along. Hope your wife and daughter are OK. Best wishes to all including Lyn. Love Iris x

Hi my lovely pal.

Good luck with your scan. Mention Nivolumab to your Consultant. The drug company were offering it to certain people. My Consultant said I wouldn't be accepted but worth a try for you.

Thanks to your support I'm still positive but not smiling today. Somebody has given me a rotten cold.

Love Suzy (W)xxxx

holly17 in reply to Suzy6

Thanks my love will do, I don't know what they have next in line, but seeing they have been treating the cancer in the right lung for just over 8 years and now its been in the left one for just about a year, its most strange I am still here, I am aiming to get in the GUINNESS book of records, and if I do your aim will be to over take me. Hope your cold gets better soon, ONCE ITS GONE GET THAT SMILE BACK IN PLACE.

Love Fred aka smiler xxx

Good to see you're back, Fred. Keep fighting !


Nice to hear from you. all the best.

LOve Sian


Hi Fred lovely to see you I hope the treatment goes well and good to hear Lyn is well take care

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