love me--love my dog :D

Feeling very depressed, a man walks into the pub and orders a triple scotch. "You know" said the barman, pouring him the drink. "Thats quiet a heavy poison, is something wrong ? "

"Well ", says the man, downing the shots in one. "I got home, and found my wife in bed with my best friend "

Wow!! exclaims the barman. No wonder you need a stiff drink - the next ones on the house. " So what did you do ? "

"I walked over to my wife " the man replies "and told her that we were through. i told her to get the hell out "

"That makes sense" , says the barman, nodding."

But what about your best friend !! ? "

"Well" slurs the man, tears in his eyes.

"I waked over to him ,,,,looked him right in the eye,",,,,and said,,,:D

,,,,"Bad dog !! " :D

jimmys not been to hot of late,,, but hes still here!! :D :D

lots of love and kindness to all ,, jimmy xxx :)

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  • This is the Jimmy we know and love. Glad you feeling a bit better, I hope the infection is clearing up. You have cheered up my day, so good to have you back. Take very good care of yourself. I am now happy, happy, happy, as my grandson would say.

    Sending love your way


    G J xx

  • Many thanks ohtwo :)

    getting there, slow but sure, still on a/b and steroids. ups and downs at the moment.

    try get your grandson to sing "if your happy and you know it clap your hands " :) its brilliant to watch kids doing all the actions , clapping their hands etc. :)

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Very funny Jimmy, you are sounding more like your old self, hope your feeling better. Take care Tina.x

  • hi Tina, glad you had a smile :)

    yes feeling better than i was , many thanks :)

    you take good care now love jimmy xxx :)

  • Dogs are not my problem jimmy, its our 2 cats that try and steal my place on the bed.

    It seems your running on 3 out of 4 cylinders but that's so much better than none yeh!

    Keep um coming :)


  • Oh, my old [young :) ] friend tony, :) great to hear from you, look forward to more videos, if you need any cylinders, just ask :D :D

    You keep going tony, and don't get a divorce just because of the cats :D [only kidding :D ]

    best regards jimmy :)

  • Hi jimmy, my cylinders are misfiring but still running so no worries.

    As for my place in the pecking order at home.

    It starts with No1 My wife, No2 my son and daughter, No3 Tiger & Tiger our cats, No4 the neighbors cat, No5 the birds who come for food in the garden, No 6 the hedgehog in the compost heap and then possibly me but the bumble bees nest in the loft may just pip me.

    Luckily I know my place so there's no worries of divorce Ha Ha


  • :D :D At least you know where you stand tony :D ,,and not scared to admit it. :D

    you've a lovely family though tony, im quite sure you appreciate it too. :)

    best regards jimmy :)

  • Yes I'm a very lucky man and happy to be no 7 or 8 :) .

  • :D :D jimmy

  • See you are back to old self Jimmy carry on the good work

  • hi other jimmy :D

    Will do jimmy, but i'm a little slower at the moment :)

    many thanks,take care now,

    best regards other jimmy :D

  • hi," other" jimmy, many thanks, getting there slowly, up one day down the next :D

    hope this is an "up" day for both of us :)

    best regards jimmy :)

  • Gosh! He was lucky not to get the rolled newspaper.

  • :D :D aye your right there rib :D stick in now,

    kindest thoughts jimmy :)

    p.s i used to get the rolled up newspaper across the lug, from my dad :D [I deserved it!! :D you'd get the blinken jail for that nowadays :D ]

    all the very best rib jimmy :)

  • Ha ha Jimmy, good to have you back. Stay well and don't go mad over working.

    Love Suzyxxx

  • lovely to see you suz. hope things are going ok.

    lots of love and kindest thoughts,,,,,

    your [nearly :) ] wee jovial jock :) jimmy xxxxx :)

  • Nice to hear from you again Jimmy !

  • lovely to se you puff, hope your H.U. e mail is working now,,

    all the very best jimmy :)

  • Lol! Great to have you back Jimmy, you've been sorely missed. Take it easy and let the meds do their work. You cheer us all up on here. Lotsa luv Nikki XX

  • always great to see you niks, :)

    yes still on the meds, they seem to be working now,

    your the one that cheers me up :D

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Aaaah, thanks Jimmy, bless you. Keep taking the pills. lol. XXX :-D

  • :D :D,,,, the tartan tablets niks :D

    jimmy xxx

    [oxygen man here, servicing oxygen concentrator, carer here doing living room ??, been banned to this wee box room, where computer is :D beginning to wonder if its my house :D,,

    keep smiling niks jimmy xxx :D

  • Hahaha Jimmy, nice one :) good to see u posting again xx

  • hi kiwi, many thanks, :) great to see you,

    just made it,,,,, carer in now :D [voice is like a fog horn :D , good job she didn't see this :D ]

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • Still not 100% and still cracking jokes! Good for you Jimmy, but do take care! x

  • thanks lolly, you take care now,

    love jimmy xxx :)

  • very good glad you are back - thank you - take care xx

  • nice to see you undine, hope things are going ok,

    lots of love jimmy xxx :)

  • :D :D :D


    Up the wooden hill to Bedfordshire.

  • :D there's lots of funnies can be made up in these texts.

    maybe one for me is,,,

    [i have a long term catheter ]

    waiting on the doc to text me,,, ICUP :D

    love jimmy xxx :)

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