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Upper spine

Had recent surgery on v.C2 thru C7 after years of warning to be cautious cuz it's in bad shape. Pain you have in upper back may be similar. Gentle exercises suggested by phys.therapist can help, along with pain pills, and condition upper back, neck, shoulders. No lifting more than 5kg. You are so young, try all you can to keep it from worsening and hurting your life / family.

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Hi, I have compressed two vertebrae in my upper was only on the sixth visit to my health centre was it diagnosed....just was told to take painkillers and not to lift heavy weights. I asked about exercises but no joy.

I had been suffering pain in my back and ribs for weeks and worked through the the pain, hoovering and lawn mowing which made it worse.

Thank you for your post ... I will be more careful in future and look after my thin bones. I hope you get some relief from your pain.


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