My beautiful boy

When I was 18 I had a baby boy.He turned in to a hefty and strong lad.He was walking at 7 months!! He was soo smart and white toe head of blonde hair and beautiful blue eyes.When my darling boy was 23 months old,he had a sister come along.He did not like the attention she was getting.Well the little sister became his best friends.Oh sure they'd argue,but they always worked it out. When my beautiful boy was 4 1\2 he came in the house and flopped on the sofa.He said I'm not playing anymore. He lost 10 lb.s in the first month. The doctors in a CHICAGO found the problem.He had Masto blastoma ........Its malignant.He has 16 months to live. In that time span,I was living a Night mare.Everyday I was 20 or so.Poor little sister couldn't figure out why big bro wouldn't play. They can tell you,time heals all pain.They are wrong. very wrong.I believe I've been living the blues every since we put my beautiful boy to lay to rest. It's the hardest thing a parent can do.Just be strong.Take one minute at a time. Blessed be to you and yours....1973 /1979. Until we meet again.

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  • soooo sorry Gold I can imagine that that pain never heals but hopefully seeing your darling daughter grow up has taken some of the edge off. Life throws different challenges at each of us.... take carexx

  • Thank you, My reason for this post was hoping it would get to a young lady that has a 3 1\2 year old that is ill.She posted a couple hours ago.I couldn't get thru to write her back.So keep your eyes opened. I just need to know how she's coping.Its scary by your self.She just wanted to talk to someone. Thanks xx

  • Hi Gold, that was kind of you. Could this be the post you are referring to:

    Best wishesxxx

  • YES!🙌 Ya know when ya need to get something done and you just keep on.Well I wrote her a post. Did nt know her name..I do now and we will have to change that to something positive. Thank you for caring ,God be with you Jenss. Xxx

  • Never easy losing one you love but keep the good things always to the front.

    Be Well

  • Very true xx

  • Oh god bless you - I cannot even imagine that pain. That pain would never heal. I can only hope that you have been able to find some happiness and peace. Take good care of yourself. With lots of love and kind thoughts xxx

  • Thank you,but I don't want pity.OK? The young mum needs support from anyone and everyone. Thank you doll. Xx

  • Feeling so deeply moved for your great loss Gold, especially as we both had our Sons aged 18 in 1973.💙 I can not begin to imagine what it is like to know the grief you've had in the loss of Your Beautiful Son .

    My Daughter came along in 1977 and she is pure sunshine to me, today she's coming to take me to visit an old friend of mine on her Birthday...and I'm going to make a cake 😁...

    Have a good weekend 🙌🍓🍒🍇🌸🌹🌼

    Hugs huff xxx

  • Oh gee huffer,I hope you enjoyed your time with your daughter.I love my daughter soo very much,Honestly I would have gone off the deep end without her.Thank you. Xx

  • So sorry for your loss Gold, to lose a child is terrible but remember the good times as you clearly do. Love Margaret x

  • Gold13 I know nothing that I could say will ever be enough to stop your pain even for a short time. You seem like such a wonderful & warm girl, reading your story is painful . Whats so great about you is that you want to reach out and help another mother who you know is in pain too. Sometimes giving like that to someone else eases your heart for a short time.

    Your daughter is indeed lucky to have such a wonderful Mum

    Love to you both *BIG HUG*


  • So sorry for your loss

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