Now I do feel Old!

I dropped the wife off to her part time job this morning. But while I was out I had to return some shorts to a shop as they are not made for the fully belly figure :( I parked up in a disabled bay and went to look that it was OK to just show the badge or pay as well (Our local council give you an extra hour parking for the price of parking in their car parks) No it was free as long as I displayed the badges.

Well while I was there an frail elderly looking gentleman was getting a ticket with his walking stick leaning next to the machine. Just as the ticket popped out he knocked his stick which fell down along with the ticket to the floor. The ticket started to blow towards me so I said "I will get it." As I got in to the semi splits position so I did not bend the dodgy knee and prepare for the swan position before the dismount and pick up the ticket with my left hand supporting me on the nearby bollard and to get me back in to the vertical.

As I handed over the ticket he responded with "Bloody hell mate you are in a worse state than me!"

Some people just know how to make you feel so much better about yourself ;)

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  • Love it Offcut :) I was chatting to a 90 year old chap I often see catching the same bus as me. I mentioned my copd and he said that he could see something was up as sometimes I look a bit shakey! Oh dear :O x

  • That is the problem with unseen conditions.

  • Haha ....both posts were a tonic ...but I know the feeling

  • It is not just the getting down it is the getting back up again is the hard part.

  • Proves some people see how bad we are. Love it. He must be a really nice man. Suzyxxx

  • One of the old school that so sadly missing now.

  • Well I walk with a stick, as well as Bronchiectasis I have RA and vasculitis among other things. But when ladies and gentlemen in their 80s get up and offer me their seat, I feel a bit guilty, but accept their offer with gratitude.

  • I was in the doctors waiting room recently(what's new!) ...every seat was full...young men, children amongst others , when a woman came in carrying a baby. Nobody stood up, no children put on their parents knees...then an elderly frail man offered her his seat...she refused. So it was me that stood up and gave everyone the evil eye.

  • A sign of our times I am afraid

  • Oops! That comment doesn't do your ego much good! Xx

  • did dent a little ;)

  • Offcut The reality may be there, but also the smile! Well done ol' chap! Mic

  • I have the mind of an 18 year old, the wife says eight ;) but the body of an 100 year old it feels somedays :)

  • Yeah, offcut, it's the heart that count! cheer up, Mic

  • Even that has got problems ;)

  • When you become old, yo become wise and calm, that's good for the heart too! :-)

  • Have to say Offcut I often feel really disabled when my friends in their eighties and nineties are helping me. But I know it gives them a boost to feel needed and keeps them feeling young. Sure can give the moral a knock though, you gave me a smile when I imagined you getting down to pick that ticket up., well done :) :)

  • Imagine a ballerina with brush handles up the trousers and arms doing Swan Lake?

    My sister is 7 years older than me and her husband has a very brisk pace too. I went to Birmingham to show her some places we need to go to and they went on so fast I lost them all the time and they had to keep coming back for me. They are getting better now, they have finely got it sunk in that I have two pace's slow and stop! :)

  • You and I would get on famously , walking in Birmingham I mean, my pace is the same in fact I was advised to walk slower to stop the cough and pain. One thing how do you manage all the ups and downs there? It has gone onto my no no list for visits except passing through to visit my sister and mum. There are too many obstacles for less mobile. Even to visit the theaters requires a two mile hike across the station and shopping is the same unless you get a taxi . Can't even get a bus from the station anywhere now, this is modernization aimed at the tourism trade. Sorry I'm muttering on, enjoy your trips to Brum I used to live and work there years ago.

  • me too was in Newhall street.

  • I parked outside bb was my godsend their.

  • My husband is deeply offended when asking for "pensioner" rates that he is never challenged! (He always keeps id handy just in case!) xxx

  • I went in with my prescription and the new girl on the desk ticked the over 60 box straight away :(

  • 😄

  • I go and put flowers on a friends grave and to get back up I hold on the tree next to the grave. The one day I put the flowers on still on my knees I looked up to get hold of the tree and someone had cut it down. I spent the next half hour crawling around the grave yard looking for something to grab hold of to get me up, then I saw these feet they belonged to a nice old guy who helped me up.

  • I thought that sort of thing only happened to me ;)

  • I can't bend my knees now, it started recently. They were stiff before but not impossible to bend.To get to floor level requires strange contortions. Then more to get up. This in infuriating. being sob as well makes it quite a pantomime.

    Could this be another side effect of the horrible Metformin? I couldn't eat my tea last night. It was a favourite too.

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