How embarrassing

How embarrassing

Hi all just thought I'd let you know what happened to me this morning, after having a really good night's sleep last night no coughing, and feeling reasonably well this morning after having my usual cough up I went shopping. Was in asda when unfortunately a had a really bad coughing fit + some women said to me that is a disgustingly bad cough you have you need to get that seen to, unfortunately I couldn't reply to her as I was so short of breathe. All I am asking of people is stop and think before you speak

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Oh how rude! You shouldn't have tried to reply you should have just decked her. What business is it of hers anyway and how dare she call it 'disgusting'. Unfortunately you always meet ill mannered folk and I very much doubt anyone on here would ever say anything like that. x

Thanks for your reply, it did upset me when she said that as I.was feeling quite up until then, but when I spoke to my daughter she made me feel better by saying she's an idiot

hi I know how you feel, I remember one time I had just finished work and had a hill to walk up to car and half way up I had stop get my breath back. so was leaning on a wall catching my breath when 2 women walk past and made a comment about being drunk at this time it was 10am. so because I was leaning against a wall and struggling for breath and they assumed I was drunk.


Why don't people stop and think before opening their big mouths perhaps that was her good deed for the day lol

People are just incredible! My husbands sister asked me if he "put the cough on" ?? So I gave up on the general public if I can't get understanding from family!! xx

No help there then with family, people do make me laugh

Someone once said to me in the supermarket "Oh dear that is a bad cough" to which I replied "permanent unfortunately" the poor woman was mortified and couldn't appologise enough I felt awful then.

polly xx

Wish I could have replied with something like that, but will keep it in mind for next time

That's good perhaps all us suffering with what ever lung complaint should get one printed I'm sure that would help all those narrow minded people out there understand what we go through

a very good way to tackle the ignorant. I have been saying this since I was a child and it makes them think

Ahh you poor thing Silly-Mummy, that lady was unkind wasn't she! When I went to PR at my local big hospital , one of the nurses printed out a little card for us all , it says....THANK YOU FOR YOUR CONCERN





Wasn't that nice of her, I keep it in my coat pocket just in case!

That reminds me of my pre-azithromycin days. I had a disgusting productive cough which called for comment in the supermarket. As my husband once said, everyone knows where Annie is by her coughing!!

Typical husband response lol

Thanks everyone for your replies, it's made me feel a lot better hearing from you all, but I still wish people would stop and think before they speak our better still perhaps not comment at all on something they no nothing about

I've had this happen to me. Some years ago, a couple in my GP's waiting room gave me a disgusted look and told me I shouldn't be in the waiting room with flu. I managed to answer that I didn't have flu. Their response was that they didn't care what I had, they didn't want it, and got up to move further away from me. I continued in a louder voice now as they had moved. You can't catch what I have, it's a lung disease. I was so b****y angry. It took me a while to calm down. My reason for being at my GP's - my flu jab!! :-(

I tell these idiots that they and their germs are far more dangerous to my damaged lungs than I will ever be to them

People reacting like that can have a huge affect on our confidence and make it even more difficult to go out and try and live a normal life but sometimes we perceive things wrong and she may have not meant it in an offensive way honey x

Yes it does knock you back a bit, seeing as I'm still not sure what condition I have, but onwards + upwards

I had something similar in asda a couple of years ago......coughing fit in check out Que luckily hubby was with me and noticed a cpl of ppl in front giving me dirty looks so he just looked directly at them and said in a loud voice " bad lungs are not contagious and that's what is causing my wife to cough so much, she is also unable to breathe properly so even if bad lungs were catching u wouldn't get them off her anyway as she can't breathe over you "

Good for him if my hubby had been with me I'm sure he wouldn't have held back either

OMG sorry this happened to you. Mind I have had ignorant comments come my way all my life. I remember when I was a teenager struggling to climb some stairs and 2 older folks went up 2 steps at a time. The told me to keep of the fags - never smoked. It hurt me then. Now I never let anyone get away with any comment of that nature - I lay it on with a trowel - I think it's worth them feeling bad about what they have said simply because it may make them think before they make ignorant comments to anyone else.

Just remember if the woman meant her comments in a malicious way then her ignorant comments are not worth getting upset over.



Thank you so much for your kind words + in future I will not let small minded people like that upset me,

I so agree with you Silly-mummy. People are too quick to judge and do not think at all. Hope you are doing ok now. Take care. xxxx

Yes I'm feeling a lot more upbeat about things now thanks to everybody's kind comments + words

So glad your feeling better. You do find ways of dealing with well meaning but misguided people & the plain rude. It takes time. I favour the laying it on with a trowel. I indicate I want them to wait. Then explain in great detail why I cough & why I couldn't answer right away. Works a treat & boosts your confidence. .Best wishes Nan

Thanks nan I will bear that in mind if anything like that happens again

I would have told her to "Go forth and multiply!" But I suspect you're more polite than me? I've had comments from various sources all of my life, but once they know why you're coughing - they're very sheepish.

To the younger ones I say "Thank your lucky stars that this is not you - yet!.......But there's still plenty of time, keep up the smoking..... you'll get there!" :-D

If I had, had the breath 2 speak I would have done I'm not shy in that respect, you don't live for 66 years + not learn to speak your mind lol

You should of told the nosey so and so it was the side effects of Ebola that would of got rid of her

Lol that made me laugh that is really good x

Once in a supermarket a little girl came up to me and very politely asked me why I was wearing a tube up my nose, so I explained that I needed oxygen to help me walk and she said that she had new shoes to do that, patted my hand and said bye-bye. I'm not sure who had the most tears in their eye me or her mum and dad.

Sometimes children can be so much more accepting than adults.


Just read your post and I have been in your position and isn't it annoying when you are too breathless to reply !! I often think if we had an illness that people can see like a broken leg or something more obvious then we wouldn't have to suffer this ignorance.But I'm afraid it's just the nature of this horrible disease.Stay strong and ignore people who don't have a clue x

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