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COPD and Solpadol


I have borderline moderate/severe copd 52%. Over the past 8 weeks I have caught a cold that turned into bronchitis. This took 4 courses of antibiotics plus 2 courses of steroids to shift it. I was ok for 2 weeks then caught another cold, this has now turned into bronchitis again and today I took the last dose of my weeks supply of rescue antibiotics. My concern is

I asked the dr for something to help with the symptoms as apparently I'm not allowed beechams etc. He perscribed me Solpadol. I read the info sheet snd it states "not to be used in patients with copd" I took 2 as perscribed last night and felt great and had a great sleep. Can anybody tell me please why the patient sheet should state- not to be used in copd patients please

regards Heartbleed.

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Don't know, I'd not noticed that before. Worth a phone call to the prescribing Dr to see if he is happy for you to continue in the light of the statement. He may know what he's doing... or he may have screwed up. Why not try just paracetamol til then, it's not got 'don't use with copd warning asfaik?

After surgery I've had morphine which the codeine element is converted into in your liver - made me wheezy for 30 mins or so .


Is that a new version of the PIL? There's an online version dated April 2014 which states not to take it if "you have severe asthma attacks or severe breathing problems"

and the Netdoctor UK site mentions not to be used for patients with "Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)" which is dated February 2015.

so maybe have been some reactions recorded with COPD patients to have brought about the change in warnings.

It also mentions to be used with caution in patients who are hypothyroid, which I am. My GP recently prescribed me Co-codamol (same, paracetamol and codeine) for acute head pain although I didn't actually take any. Looks like she needs to do an update on certain things! I'm glad you posted this, thank you.

P.S. If it was me I wouldn't be taking any more without speaking to my GP, the warning must be there for a reason.

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My husband was prescribed co-codamol by a locom doctor about five years ago and he ended up in hospital with a severe reaction. The specialist told him that co-codamol was contra-indicated to copd patients. So I am very careful now and check all the drugs my husband takes. You can't be too careful, lots of love TAD xxx


I have never heard that one but we all get told different things at times.....are you a retainer....i retain c02 so not allowed to take anything that would make me sleepy as it slows your breathing down which could explain some of the cold remedies.

I think paracetamol would help you with the symptoms


Doctors do get things wrong. If I were you I'd talk to the pharmacist.

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I had a cold which became bronchitis. The doc gave me a plentiful supply for when I catch an infection. It's not easy to shift. I am going to send for a sputum sample to be examined.

I just read that you cannot have Beecham;. Well that is the same as Paracetamol, so the advice to take Paracetamol isn't good.

Please phone your doctor or even ask the chemist, although I think the doctor who knows you would know what to do. But truly, sleep is wonderful.I hope you get better soon.


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