Mojo regained!

I joined this community 5 months ago, as a carer for my 92 year old mother who has suffered from COPD for many years. My original post 'Scared Carer' details just how desperate I was at the stage of Mum's condition. The supportive messages I got back were worth their weight in gold. Mum was going downhill fast when the pseudomonas infection was disagnosed and again I turned to the site for help. I was pointed in the direction of Allicin Max and with nothing to lose we gave it a go. 4 months on and Mum has been infection free ( a record! ) and her quality of life has rocketed. We have just finished putting in her bedding plants and she is already making plans for next years spring bulb display! I do not believe that this is just coincidence and want to thank RAY47 and MOODYGIRL from the bottom of my heart for the practical support that has given Mum back her mojo!

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Planting a garden is planning for the future,may your Mum enjoy her plants.

That's such good news! I'm so pleased your Mum is much improved! huff xxx

That is so good to hear. maybe you could post a photo of your garden?

That sounds really good ,why don't t he nurses know things like that,were kept in the dark ages in this country,so backward in health it's failing !!Remember the name,Allison max,buy it in the chemist?? Or is it another product they say" oh you can't have that,so how easy is it to get??

It is readily available online.

ALLICIN MAX is available at the chemist. It's not cheap but on 3 for 2 at Boots with your points card it's well worth it. My mum takes 2 a day. I believe RAY47 takes more. There is a helpline to advise you on dosage and what results you can expect - 0844 357 7337

Thank you

What a fab message to read! So so pleased your Mum has her MOJO back. Fantastic. Lots of love TAD xx

So glad that the allicin Max has helped. I know that it worked for me. Hope mum keeps well.

So pleased for you and your Mum, hope you have many more planting seasons to enjoy together.

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