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Chest problems getting me down

Just want to say I'm new to site but my goodness what support you all give its brilliant . I've picked up some good tips

I have Broncheictus sorry about spelling

Have bad chest infection at the moment so work is not to happy with me . I'm on lots of tablets Steroids Azithroycin just started Sybicot ? Instead of Ventolin and Mucodyne . Lots of green crap coming up . But today chest has gone tight again any ideas gang

All Advise is great

Big thanks

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Hi nice to meet you and welcome to the site. If you are coughing up green gunk then you have a chest infection and should be taking ab's and maybe steroids as well. These should start working within 48 hours or so. If they don't start kicking in after 3 days then you might need to go back to the doctors. x

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Hi I've been back on Antibiotics three weeks now this am is first time coughing up green gunk has eased but feel chest is tight again and I feel so tired and weak


Hi pidgenpie and welcome. I haven't any advice to give as I'm not that knowledgable, especially on your particular lung condition but, plenty on here are such as helingmic. I just wanted to say welcome. x


Hi Casper 99

Big thank you


If it doesn't go with antibiotics soon- get more advice from GP! I had 3 lots of antibios from December to march before a doc finally did a sputum test- pseudomonas found and it has taken all this time + hospital, IV's and 3 more antibios to get rid and not too sure it has. Ask for sputum test and then they can find right antibiotic.

My advice- act NOW. the longer a bug lurks the harder to get rid of.

Hope this helps. xx


Hope you are better soon. My work was not very good with me when I took time off. Spoke to the union about it but no help. it was a relief to me to be able to leave to look after my partner's elderly parents 8 years ago and I am blessed to have a partner who supported me in my decision not to go back. You really don't need to have that sort of pressure when you are ill. Speak to your Doc about it. The worst seems to be that people don't understand that you can have an asthmatic flare up one day and be almost as right as rain the next and it was those single days off that seemed to offend the most so my surgery got letters duplicated that explained this and gave me one every time I took a day off. Of course, I could have take 5 or more days off! You can't win can you. I would also speak to your union rep if you have one and it may be worth trying to explain your condition to your boss but be careful sometimes it is possible to give too much information. Only you know your boss or line manager well enough to know if this is the right thing to do.


Hi there pidgenpie and welcome. There are quite a few of us on here with bronchiectasis (there's the spelling). I have had it since I was three. One of the worst things is that most of the time we look disgustingly healthy, even when we have exacerbations, many people have heard of COPD but not bronchiectasis. Employers don't understand how dire it makes you feel, let alone the lifelong daily handling of the condition. I never took oral steroids as they are really a standard COPD treatment and so if these are being prescribed by your GP i would suggest that you check it with your consultant. Azithromycin is a very good drug. I took it for 5 years then it stopped working. It sounds as though you need a different antibiotic to tackle this infection. Ciproxin or co- amoxiclav can usually tackle these bugs. Most of us have them at home as an emergency pack. Working with an exacerbation will not help you as you need to rest and give your body a chance to fight the infection. Finally, nag nag nag, keep coughing up that green stuff. It's the best thing that you can do for yourself. When it is out it can no longer keep reinfecting you. Good luck, kind thoughts.

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Wow thank you stillstanding63

You have it in one when im on

The steroids they do help I'm supposed to stay on a 5mg daily for life . But my neck at the back swells up and hurts that's because I have to keep going up to 40mg prednisone. I agree that I need a different tab . But I've been on Clarithromycin it's not touched the infection so back to Azithromycin.

Also Mucodyne .

I was diagnosed about five years ago . But defo feel so week and tired

Yes you are right about work they do not understand plus I work for NHS ha joke

Did you take it every day or every other day( Azith) I was told it can effect your liver . I now have a fatty liver ha ha it's never ending but there not worried about that at all .

Thanks for your help you have helped me more than you no I will keep in touch . Take care yourself


I just thought that you may need a sputum test for pseudonomas (the bronchiectatics constant companion) the drug for that is ciproxin orIV tazocin or meropenem. Clarithromycin doesn't touch it. Azithromycin is a macrolide which works on a different principal. It is usually taken three times each week. I found out after I had to stop takingit because it clashed with drugs for a new heart condition, that I should have been having my liver and kidneys looked at regularly. Anyway recent tests have shown that they are ok.

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Hi. Sorry to hear u are unwell. Probably much worse due to stress about not attending work. Bronchiectasis is enough to cope with for anyone but extra streses will make th condition worse. Dont have the nswer just wanted to show my support for u. Hope u feel better soon.

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Thank you all just nice to feel support and I do feel this from you all . it has brought a light into my life at the moment as all I keep thinking is cmon your feeling better today but no I'm not ha ha so you have all helped me

BIG xxxxxx. To you all

I'm waiting for appointment back at chest clinic so I'm going to have a good long chat about the Antibiotics .


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