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Can bronchitis cause asthma?

Last Christmas , i had a nasty virus which developed into bronchitis. I was given antibiotics,steroids and a blue inhaler. The GP also referred me to the Astma Nurse at the practice. She proceeded to give me a brown preventative inhaler but it does not seem to agree with me. I take lanzoperazole for acid reflux but since having the inhaler

It has got really severe and now i have gastritis. Could this be a coincidence? Please help!

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Hi, my asthma was "switched on" after a bout of pneumonia , but looking back I had always been short of breath when walking up hills or running, and I had whooping cough as a child too. I was given a preventer and Salbutamol after the pneumonia.

My adult daughters asthma occurred after a wheezy chest infection, but one had eczema and a cough from being a baby,,,it was not diagnosed for I guess it's part genetic and part trauma.

About your brown preventer inhaler...there are different types, have you tried another one. I find I get on better with just a separate brown and blue one, rather than a combined long acting bronchodilator and steroid.

Take care, if you live I the UK, you can contact the BLF Helpline by phone or email to ask for advice


Thank you. Will take your advice.


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