Relvar ellipta

Relvar  ellipta

I have just spent one week in Hospital, I have been given this new inhaler, has anyone else tried it ?? I am completely exhausted and the least thing makes me so breathless. Peak flow is 200 , I have plenty of Oxygen but only 50 per cent of my lungs work. At 74 I am getting quite despondent , I feel my life is being chipped away from me.

Family live down south so I am on my own...... no support.😪 😥

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Lovely picture Baily. I can't help you with the inhaler my husband doesn't use that one. But I do want to say you are not on your own here! It is very difficult after hospital and it can take quite a long time to recover. Even when my husband has not been in hospital he takes a long time to recover. So please look after yourself, be kind to yourself and just take it slowly. With lots of love and best wishes TAD xxx

Thank you Tad , have just unpacked my case put the washing on and cuddled my cat whom I had to leave alone while Hospital. That's me Done In... So off to bed and tomorrow is another day. I keep positive.

Well you look fantastic. Don't know anything about the inhaler though, sorry.

Sorry Baily can't help about inhaler, but as you are fresh out of hospital take care, know how it feels when your on your own and recovering. The picture is very good. Remain positive and I am sure in a few weeks you will feel a little better. One day at a time, and one job per day till you feel better. Main thing is to concentrate on yourself the jobs will still be there when ever as they say these days.Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Hi Baily, I have used Relvar Ellipta, I wasn't too keen and it didn't seem to help my symptoms so I was probably only on it for three weeks or so. Hope you are feeling better very soon and the Relvar suit you.

Hi Baily. Sorry I cannot help with the inhaler. Recovery from hospital can be a slow process so give yourself time. I always try to stay positive by focussing each day on ways I feel better than yesterday. I hope you feel better soon and the inhaler works for you.

Best wishes.


Hello bailey, have tried it but after a month gave it up as didn't feel any benefit. However, whichever inhaler I use I don't think I am breathing properly to get contents fully into my lungs. Do try it though as it might just work wonders for you . Best wishes.


Love the picture!

Lovely photo, hope your feeling better soon, one day at a time, xx

I use Relvar and also Incruse, been on them about 3 weeks and noticeable improvement. Was it prescribed by the hospital? The respiratory teams there are generally much better informed on inhalers than GPs.

No inhaler is a quick fix, apart from a reliever inhaler, and most tend to give greatest benefit after some months usage.

It is a combination inhaler. I am not sure how much of a dose the beta‑2 agonist it needs but it can make ankles swell. They will take a bit of time to get in the system.

Relvar Ellipta is a combination inhaler containing 2 active ingredients not previously available for the treatment of asthma: fluticasone furoate (an inhaled corticosteroid [ICS]) and vilanterol (a long-acting beta‑2 agonist [LABA]). There are no published studies that compare fluticasone furoate/vilanterol with a currently available ICS/LABA combination inhaler or currently available ICS monotherapy for a patient-orientated primary outcome such as exacerbation rate.

Be Well

Hello Baily...what a lovely photo! Just wanted to say try not to feel too alone...easier said than done but I shall be sending out healing thoughts following your stay in hospital. Be patient and kind with yourself as you slowly recover from this latest episode. I'm sure your cat is as glad to have you there as you are to be there as you keep each other company.

There are many days lately when I feel rather similar to you with these wretched symptoms and being so short of breath. I also live alone, I'm 60 and have little or no support either ~ Lovelight x

What's your new inhalor called? I have 3 to use n nebulizer .are u on oxygen ? I live on my own,it can be hard, I see u have a dog to keep u company,if u stay on here you'll meet a lot of people like you and get some good info. Hope your ok.x

Thanks everyone for your comments, I will give it a try, 10yrs. down this road and no further forward. No longer have my Dog, had to give him up as I couldn't, walk him anymore....miss him terribly .... he made me laugh.😃 😊

There are quite an assortment of inhalers, which one are you using ?

I have been using bro for a short time. So far it seems to help with my breathing. I will continue to use it and see how my lung function test is next time. Let us know how you are getting along with it, as it is a relatively new drug. Wishing you good health. (Ps. So sorry about your dog. I lost mine, and still miss them so much to this day)


Yes certainly, but If I give you a brief insight.

During the first year of using relvar. I don't recall any noticeable symptoms, however they could have been masked by the analgesia I take on a daily basis, however for the past year I have felt like I have had a constant cold, very sore joints, sore back, headaches on a daily basis approximately 2 hours after taking the relvar, extremely sore stomach which I thought was an ulcer. Approximately 6 months ago my tongue started hurting and any spicy food or minty products would irritate it, then i developed what I thought was a chest infection. Subsequently, I was placed on 3 different types of antibiotics plus a nasal spray (which contains the same ingredients as relvar), then I developed an ulcer inside my cheek. For the past 4 months my feet have been increasingly sore at work (I have to stand up for 10 hours per day) were hurting so much I struggled to make it through each day, so upped my intake of analgesia to compensate. My stomach pain increased as did my overall wellbeing...Now here is the interesting bit... So firstly, I went to the doctor with my mouth problem who suggested corsodyl mouthwash and orabase...Then the Dentist who asked if I used an inhaler. This was Last Friday 15th April 2016. I’ve subsequently ceased taking relvar and my other inhaler and the nasal spray. Today, nearly a week later, my headaches have stopped, my bones/joints have little or no pain. I have no headaches, my stomach feels fine and funnily enough I actually feel so damn good.

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