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I'm Back

Hello Lovely People.

Been back from my 'jolidays' for a few days now and settling back into normality.

It was my first holiday after being diagnosed with COPD and I'm pleased to report that the flight had no adverse affects. The weather was another matter! Not the 'average' temperatures for me...lets go for the maximum recorded Not pleasant....swollen ankles, shortness of breath when walking. Thank goodness for air con. Well I survived although I've now got a cold!!!

Rant over, got it out of my system and despite it all I enjoyed myself even though it limited some of the things I wanted to do.

Always look on the bright side of life !

Sue :)

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hi sue welcome back, good hear you had good holiday.



Glad you Had a good holiday sue xxx


So pleased you had a lovely holiday - no such problems here with high temperatures . It's currently 12C here in Wiltshire !! 😒 Jan xx


Its nice to go away something I don't do much since I was diagnosed but I'm pleased you enjoyed yourself


I Have just read about your holiday, and as I have COPD I am worried about being abroad in Italy which I can believe can be very hot, I have puffers for night and morning and one to use in the daytime

We are going on a cruise, which will have air conditioning, but can you give any ideas as what to do if the weather temps are high? and any other ideas you may have as to how best for me to cope during the hot weather conditions


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