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Post op

Hello everyone home from Brompton with a lovely scar and a lot of pain although the news was good and nodules were benign xx what a fantastic hospital in every way ! I feel so lucky and have had such great support from friends and family I know the recovery is slow but will get there .Then will only have PBC to concentrate on and manage .Hope you are enjoying the lovely sunshine x

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Good news for you Anneeileen and you are in a really good place. Nice to have all that support from family and friends too. Wishing you a really good recovery and take things easy. xxx


HURRAH! Wishing you a speedy recovery with lots of love to you and your family TAD xx

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So glad to hear that. Do you know how many and what size the nodules were? I have one that in it's largest dimension is 22mm and around 11mm in the smallest dimension. I have had a few scans and had a lung biopsy on Tuesday. This has been going on since December - that's when I first went to the GP with worsening asthma/bronchiectasis symptoms and after every scan I have been hoping that they will find out exactly what it is? So far nothing doing so had a lung biopsy on Tuesday. Do hope I get my results on Wednesday when I have an appointment with the Lung clinic.

Hope you are recovering well. Take care of yourself

Sian xx


So pleased you have got that out of the way Anneeileen. Lots of r and r and I hope the pain gets easier soon. Good news.



Excellent, so pleased for you :) Hope you feel more comfortable now, Get well very soon, sending healing hugs huff xxx


Very pleased to hear things went well for you Anneeileen1.

Best wishes AS x


Whoopy so pleased for you. Now go out there and grab life by the horns and give it a good shaking and enjoy it.

In times like these we really appreciate family and friends. Mine are being fantastic even through my dark moments and tempers and tantrums and yes believe me I do get them, much to my shame.



Good for you, hope the recovery is quick.


Fantastic news - all very best wishes. x


Great news & great that you have a good support network.

All the best for a lovely recovery from op. P x


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