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my dear wife diane

well diane's cremation service took place on tueday 26th may at the breakspear crematorium in ruislip middlesex, it was a beutiful sunny day which helped to make a very differcult day a bit more bearable

as some of you may know diane was on the higher level of d.l.a, and shortly after her passing i rang the benefits department just so as to not leave her monthly payments " run on " and then get demanding letters asking for repayments etc the lady i spoke to in the bereavement section took all the details , and with her being a geordy - like diane, i broke down in tears on hearing the accent, she was lovely and gave me plenty of time to compose myself, then she mentioned to me about the " breavement " benefit, i'd vaguely heard of it, i said i thought you had to be on the bread line to receive it, she said no, its based on

N.I contrubutions & income, not savings, i duly gave her both our ni -numbers , then had to send them our orginal marriage certifcate, which they sent back about ten days later, low & behold, will be receiving a

£2,000 lump sum award towards costs of the funeral plus £450.00 per month for a year to ease the monetary burden, so if any one reading this has the misfortune to loose a loved one get in touch with this welfare department, i intend to stay on this website on behalf of diane, & try to help out anyone i can in her loving memory.

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My heart goes out to you. I do hope you have family and friends to share your grief with you. Thank you for the information - I will see if it applies to a Son as I am not married - my ex husband died last year, and my son lives with me. It is very kind of you to think of us all.


How kind of you to let us know. I am glad that you have been able to access some financial help. I hope that you have lots of support. Sending you lots of love and best wishes, TAD xxx


Hi I am so sorry to hear about the death of your lovely wife tiger. Please accept my condolences. I am so glad you got the financial assistance too as you deserve it. Take care. xx


Good afternoon Tigerhouse, hope you are well . Thank you for taking the time to post the financial info for others at this sad time for you. That's lovely news that you will be staying with the group to try and help others in memory of your wife Diane.Glad the weather was good on the day .I took my marriage certificate to the local job center to claim the bereavement benefit and they inspected it and forwarded a copy to the necessary office, by computer. That is another way it can be done. Take care of yourself and I look forward to your future posts.xx


Hi I'm the patient in our house,,,,I'm married to a Geordie to ,and the accent is recognised world wide ,such a lovely sound, I'm sad to hear about your loss ,I'm not going to say time is a great healer etc etc ,but after losing my mum many years ago i found comfort in knowing she was safe in the arms of the angels ,and had gone to be there waiting to hold me again when my day arrives.

Thankyou for the link and advise on payment towards expenses ,

I don't recieve any benefits ,just my blue badge ( I'm so greatful for) you say it's not means tested ,but how would one go about finding out if they would be entitled to any help ,like which department to contact ,( I'm thinking of asking to save my family having to do everything ) I've already written the letters to my loved ones ,and what I would like at

my funeral ( when the day arrives ) ,so any further help is greatly appreciated ,

Thank you once again ,Diane was lucky to be married to such a thoughtful sharing man ,,,take care and God bless .


i was given a booklet by the PALs team from the royal brompton on what needs to be done after a bereavement, etc, any claim for the bereavement benefit needs to be claimed within a three month window supposedzly ?

but what with all the greifing etc, i only found out by chance, and then only when i went to cancel diane's d.l.a payments.

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Hi Tiger I'm really sorry about your wife's death. Please look after yourself and

Get all the support you can.

That was very kind and thoughtful of you to tell people about the bereavement

GRant, as often people don't know about these things.

Take care Tiger.



I send you my very deepest sympathies on your sad loss. Diane, our Tigerhouse, was an inspirational lady and may she always be remembered. It is great that you are staying on this site as your information will be gratefully received by many. You have already informed us all of something that I, for one, did not know about so thank you for that. All duly noted.

I know what it is like to be partner and carer to someone dear and to watch their struggles too. I am fortunate to care for Pete and proud to be his wife. Sending good wishes to you and family. xx


thank you all to those members who have left messages, its still so raw, the lonelyness eats away at you, everything i look at , has something to do with her, i do have wesley our indoor cat, he see's me crying every day and am sure he feels the loss also, so in turn we try to console each other, regards to you all,tom


I am glad to read that such a sad day went as well as it could.Thank you for thinking of others,I had not heard of this benefit.


Hi Tigerhouse sorry to hear of your loss, my condolences to you and your family, I too come from that area but moved away last year, to get away from the airport and motorway fumes, good of you to inform us of the knowledge you have gained. hope you stay well and look after yourself x


Bless you Tigerhouse, I'm so pleased for you and her goodby was on a sunny day. X


Thank you so much Tom, for taking the time to come on here and tell us about your darling wife, Diane's, funeral. Also, for the valuable information you shared.

We are all here to support you, through this very difficult time. I am so glad you have Wesley for company. A purring cat can be a great comfort.

The only advice I can give you, is what has helped me. One day at a time, it is so much easier than worrying about tomorrow, or the coming week. Apart, of course from things that absolutely have to be thought of in advance. Be gentle with yourself. The pain of loss is still very raw right now. The time will come when you can look through all your photos and keepsakes, to remember the happy times.

Best Wishes to you Tom

AS x


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