What a difference a year makes

What a difference a year makes

,what a difference a year makes, ,,, last year was a complete right off for me,,,,continuous repeated chest infections, 2 falls due to blood pressure not under control,causing smashed wrist that needed surgary,then two broken fingers ,so a year of physio,,,,,,,this year is going good so far ,,,I'm back at the gym under supervision of rehab nurses and Last week I managed 2.25 Klm on tread mill in 36 minutes some of it on incline,,,,so I was feeling good and proud,,,

Then a lovely weekend with my daughter and grandaughter,and gorgeous Itallian meal at Milano 's in Birmingham ,,,perfect ,,close to the car park and theatre,where we went to see Dirty Dancing ,,,then back to my daughters for a sleep over,,,,

Seems simple,,,,,but couldn't have done it last year .this is myself and my gorgeous granddaughter,the reason I work so hard to keep well,

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How lovely for you Nanny. Keep it up1 :) :)

Thankyou, the first step is the hardest ,best wishes

Thankyou ,

Well done nanny pleased for you hope it continues for you

Thankyou ,good health to you to .

Wow Nanny1086, what a big difference for you. I am so pleased that this year, so far, is a big improvement on last year. Good for you and long may your better health last. Your granddaughter is lovely and a great reason to stay well. Take care xxxx

Thankyou.,,,my grandaughter is only 12 years old ,And so encouraging to me saying go nanny you can do it ,I was diagnosed in 1992 ,if I hadn't have given up smoking then ,,,I wouldn't be sharing these pleasurable times with my family ,

"WOW!!..And.. YES!...What a Difference a Year...Make's...You should be so proud at just how far you have journed.. to get this point...But each little step counts just as good...as the big one's... But! safer..You said you had a lovely meal at Milano,s...There restaurant does some gorgeous food.....But Birmingham as some awesome Restaurants in the City...."not biased cause i live in Brum"... have a lovely evening....Megan"

If you live in Birmingham ,,,you have to try Milano's ,it's in Arcadia, and it was gorgeous, l

Little steps,,,lead to big improvements ,hope you continue taking your steps.

I'm so pleased you are having a better year this year Nanny! 😁

Your little Granddaughter daughter is the same age as mine, isn't it wonderful seeing them grow up into young ladies!Hope you stay well as can be, hugs huff xxx

Grandchildren make everything worthwhile don't they ,my Lois is my life,I work hard at the gym to make her proud of me like I'm proud of her,

I also had a chat with her about the dreaded smoking ,and she promised me ,,,,she will never smoke or take drugs,,,,and I know it's a promise to me that she will keep ,I can ask no more of her,

Great that things are going better for you this year. Grandchildren are so wonderful, the best reason to keep going xx

Thankyou so much. My grandaughter is my life ,the reason I work so hard to improve my health ,best wishes,

So pleased for U nanny, fingers crossed ur years continues with the same highs. Xx sonia xx

Aw thankyou ,hope you have a good year to ,best wishes,

Thankyou everyone for your kind thoughts ,it's greatly appreciated,

Lovely picture of you both and you do look well, keep it up.

Thankyou very much

i have copd rehab i am in antibiotics all the time guess what i really don't care anymore, plus girl friend treat me bad.

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