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Todays Wednesday day, Wednesday day is ?

Well what is Wednesday holding for you today, my first job today is collect daughter Kate from the garage after she has left her car for some repairs to be carried out, then I might give my garage a good tidy up and put things back in their correct places. Had a call from Hannah who was on her way home from a meeting in London, it seems she got on the wrong train to Exeter, she should have got the one a few minutes later that was a stopper, and the guard was not very under standing and insisted that she had to pay not the difference but the full price of another ticket £98 she was very upset, it seems rather a rip off to me, thats the trouble with different companies running the trains instead of one like it was in the passed.

Right there was this old geezer who was a retired farmer, well he was bored and decided to open a medical clinic. He placed a sign outside that read "Get your treatment here for £50, if your not cured I will give you £100 back,"

Dr Young who was certain the old Geezer had no medical training and this was a chance of making some money, so off he went to the clinic. He said "Dr Geezer I have lost all taste in my mouth can you help", the old Geezer said nurse bring the medicine from box 22 and place 2 drops in Dr Young's mouth. "Aaagh that's petrol its awful" said Young, Congratulations you got your taste back that's £50 said the old Geezer.

Dr Young thought I will get him this time so back he goes, Dr Geezer I have lost my memory he said.

Right said the old Geezer nurse same medicine as before but place 4 drops in his mouth this time.

No way said Dr Young that was petrol and tasted awful. Congratulations you got your memory back that's £50 please said the old Geezer.

Dr Young was fuming and decided to have one more go, this time he went and said "I am having trouble with my eye sight I can hardly see anything at all,"

"Oh dear I have no treatment for that so here is the £100 as stated on the sign" said the old Geezer.

Hang on said Dr Young there is only £50 here, Congratulations said the old Geezer your vision is back, as he takes the money back and said that's £50 please.

The moral of this story is, Just because you are young it doesn't mean you can out smart an Old Geezer.

The sun is out so hope you all have a great day. xxx :) ;) Fred

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Great joke to start the day Fred. lol

What a rip off for poor Hannah....that's awful.

I'm bleaching my patios today while it's nice and sunny. Have a good day Fred :-D xxx


Careful with that bleach Lyn I use a pressure washer its more fun, the suns in full swing now so just might be a nice a warm day, I see Bullpit wants us all to head for the Med today, so better get the swim suit out, I hope the moths have not been at work, now where did I leave my passport. See you all there will have to leave tiding the garage to another day. xxx :)


Wait for meeeeee lol :-) xxx


I will sail around and pick you up, where is the nearest place for me to dock the boat, is there a quayside near you or do I have to beach the boat, honest you ladies do not make things easy lol

xxx :)


You'll have to pick me up from Newport docks Fred :-) xxx


Right you are , you will be the one with the camera's around your neck, and stay away from the edge as I don't want you falling again. Can you bring a map so we do not get lost as its a long way from Wales. xxx :)

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Just had a thought lol forget the map who cares. :) ;) :D xxx


Morning Fred, lovely sunny day up here this morning....

Busy Wednesday for me

Taking my eldest daughter to the docs AGAIN, she been ill and off work for 5 weeks now, so mommy is stepping in....

Then taking my daughter to the stables at 11....

Then taking my new granddaughter to be registered....

Then .......... I'm sure there will something else lol

What a shame about ur Daughter what would of happened if she couldn't have paid again, that's awful and a rip off, and they urge people to use public transport, not .

Take care xx sonia xx


Morning Sonia yes you do have a full day, I hope your daughter recovers to full health soon, I must have missed it what is your new granddaughter called ?

Yes if Hannah she is my granddaughter had not been able to pay at the time she would have to supply the guard with here full detail and then pay within a set period then its over to the courts. Have a good day Fred xxx :)


Fred, my granddaughters name is Alexis, Shes 10 days old now, God it goes by so quick.

How awful for Hannah, least she got home safe . Xx sonia xx


What a lovely name, time does fly by as you say Sonia, my Hannah is 26 now but still the apple of my eye, I have a sort of double roll namely granddad/dad as her dad died when she was 8yrs so I expect I will help her if needed with the cash xx :)


As we do lol, my son costs me more since he's moved out, but my mom done it for me so now it's my turn.

Bet Hannah is proud to have U as her grandad/dad. Xx sonia xx


xx ;)


Good morning Fred, agreed what a rip off on the train as if it is not dear enough. Guess it is the rules as usual. Thanks for the joke, hope you manage to get the garage tidied today. I am off to my usual Wednesday meeting of my widows group, plus a committee meeting to follow, so longish day for me. But nothing too energetic only using my brain & mouth. :) :) Catch up with you tomorrow xx


You enjoy the meeting after you have had a catch up with your friends at the club, mind you sometimes meetings can go on for what seems like ever, if some people just do not know when to shut up, not that I am saying that's you Katie. Keep smiling xxx :)


That was really a good one Fred! Really got my daughter and my hubby laughing. Off to sleep for me Fred. You have a good day and don't try to do too much. Easier said then done. Right?


Rubyxx 😊 😊


We are all the same Ruby half the time we never know when to stop as we feel fine till we stop then its to late. Sleep well love. xx :) ;)


Good morning Fred, you made me laugh as usual, it is a beautiful day here at the moment. I am off to see my Respiratory nurse this morning to see if I can do another PR, I have a feeling she will try and convince me to take steroids for this cough of mine.

Have a lovely day.

polly xx


What will your answer be if she says about steroids ? I always found them a bit of a bugger really, but helpful in other points. Well lets hope things look better than last time so fingers crossed. Keep smiling Polly xxx :)


Morning Fred, excellent joke as usual. Can you believe the train service policies? at least she got a train round my neck of the woods they often just don't turn up. Looks like you'l have to reimburse Hannah, that's what Grandads are for! Sun trying to break through yey Xx


Great laugh have a good day


Poor Hannah Fred but like you say different companies running the trains. The guard could have used some discretion maybe or maybe not? Hope you are doing ok Fred and don't go overdoing all the tidying. Lovely day here and the sun definitely has his hat on. Thanks for the laughter - keep smiling. xxxx :)


Morning Fred.

Poor Hannah! She was obviously got a miserable guard. It is up to the discretion of the guards whether they make you pay full fare or the difference in a case like this. Tin gods methinks!

Have a good day xx


Good morning Fred, it's Thursday morning now and I seem to have been through a time slip, where did time go Fred! :D I love your posts they cheer me up no end...not that I'm not a cheerful huffer :D I think this country is sadly lacking in altruism, that ticket collecter guard needs dunking in the Thames several times for his mean-ness!!! :D The sun is shining, the garden is calling its full of forget-me-nots, like a blue , purple haze, have a lovely Thursday, hugs huff xxx


Hi there pal sorry I am late in coming back to you, I would not have thought for one minute you were not a cheerful huffer, your picture shows that, and as for that guard, well what goes round comes round. Keep smiling please, Love and hugs Fred xxx :)


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