Air Quality has it affected you today?

I have been out today for the first time since February and what a day I picked - well I didn't I rely on my daughter and she works term time so I have to take what I can when I can.

We went to a Garden Centre - couldn't breathe not just the air but the pollen. So we then went to Ikea and it was great until my grandson forgot and wheeled me straight through the perfumed candles. So what with both of them piling up on me my daughter decided that we needed to go home. Get in the car and she puts the AC on! Bloody hell nearly on the floor!! Thank goodness I had had the sense to put my travel neb in my bag - so the moral of this story is invest in a travel nebuliser and believe the weather forecast.

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  • Hi J and a

    I totally get what you are saying. I hate it when people wear strong synthetic over powering perfumes. I went down the docks today (long story but not what some would think LOL) and there has been a fret that just won't clear but me old aunt at 87 opened her ĺungs and enjoyed the 'fresh air' the damp mist must have done it for her. The air is just not clear at the moment. Thank goodness for Vicks!

  • Honestly, down the docks again SK.

  • Hello Jan, sounds like you didn't have a very nice day, I saw on the news the smog was bad in London. It wasn't too bad here but my sats have been low dropping to 88. Hope you are feeling better now :) huff xxx

  • Hi Jan, Sorry your first day out was not so enjoyable. I know what you mean re scents if I walk through the make up section of a department store, my eyes and nose stream and cannot catch my breath. Better luck next time. Love KatieJJ

  • Pete also found it harder to breathe today and we were not out for long at all. Just a quick flit to the shops and home again. Hope tomorrow is better for you and everyone. xxx

  • I didn't get caught out this time ,there was an announcement before ,the ash from the continent,I sayed in 2 days and are fine neb before u go out, I have a portable one ,a good scarf is always needed ,we can't take risks,allergys are not taken serious enough!even by the sea the environment is so polluted worse every year.

  • Hi Jandan, I went into town yesterday just to get out did not realize my labored breathing was due to air pollution till I saw the news headlines. Put it down to several other things. Hopefully it will be better over the weekend. Used to be a site you could join that sent email warnings but I don't seem to get them anymore. Hope you feel better today, its overcast and cool here today, what's it like with you? Have a good weekend

  • Hope you've recovered by now Jan. it's rained a little here so I'm hoping that means the air is better.

    I've been coughing for days and just noticed I'm not this morning. Hoo-blooming-Ray

  • jandan Oh dear! My experience wasmuch better. I went to our church market. I gave a thick hand knitted jumper from NZ ( not knitted by me, I couldn't pass a thread through a hole of the needle!)

    I met a few friends, some folding the update for church tomorrow; boutght 2 raffle tickets, didn't win and went home.

    I didn't avoid active exercise either, I played teh flute most of the afternoon. Shattered now, but happy! Mic

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