Can anyone identify this skin epithelial cell type

Can anyone identify this skin epithelial cell type

As lung disease suffer i regular cough up bits of lung .. as rank as that is.

Isuess is i was exposed to asbestos the reacon you tell alot by lung skin cells you cough up so i was after finding out if anyone can identfy this cell type given what i have said.

Am i looking at epithelial and sarcomatoid cells

Cheers thanks

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  • allaboutmalignantmesothelio...,, hiya I cant help you but found this ,, D3NIS ,sorri its not what your looking for, i hope alls ok for you just keep searchin and mither your dcs,, till you get your answers, that you need .

  • Hi ItsBAme cheers yer i sneezed then coughed and back fired

    Then that landed on sink have coughed a few up that a just thought was onion skin

    But am not sure now is just onion skin

    Is hard one not like doctors tell you out all i know is av been ill

    Anyway thanks cheers O what do you think it looks like

  • ,, ths is asbestos,, it mite not look it but it is,, if it shows,, theres others similiar to your pic post,, asbestos in a honeycombed form thats only way i can say it really,,

  • Hi Itsbame cheers looked like un cooked bacon that

    Glad i just cought up bits but is simularites cheers

  • Sorry I can't help Daz but it sure looks weird to me. Hope you are doing ok anyway. You take care. xxx

  • Hi Sassy59 Cheers have coughed up some stuff like that befour i just put down to onion skin.

    First time i have seen cells that clear its just i dont know what the mean

    Thanks for reply comment

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