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sob left chest pain

last year I had ongoing sob, chest pain and left sided pain ,I had high a high ace level which was 110 took bloods 3 times same result but it is meant to be under 40, they thought it was sarcoidosis but could find no granulomas when I had lung biopsy I had wheeze on left lung and said I had blockage but nothing showed up,I had it for a year ,pain went away end of last year ,now starting to get symptoms again ,went to lung specialist last year when I still had symptoms they could not find anything he said something could be brewing ,I have had every test ,never had this before ,I don't smoke no asthma ,fit ,eat healthy, help !!!!.

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Good Morning Blonde. Sorry to hear you have been having such a rough time. Its so worrying when you don't know what's wrong. I can't offer any advice except go back to the doctor and try the blf help line. Best wishes Nan


How scary for you - the only thing I could suggest is the BLF helpline. You can call the helpline on 03000 030 555 Lines are open Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm. Good luck, love TAD xx


Hi blonde, do ring the BLF help line as suggested because they will be able to give you good advice and support too. Wishing you well and hope you get sorted out quickly. xxx


Not sure if this will be of help? You have got to keep at them to get a deeper diagnosis and find someone looking outside the box sometimes?

Be Well

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Hi Blonde I can empathise with you but I was lucky as ebus biopsy showed granulomas and I was given the diagnosis of sarcoidosis. I still have left sided flank pain and sob and feel generally unwell on many days also my eyes are often red but not sore; all the symptoms of sarcoid. My husband also has cardiac and pulmonary sarcoid so between us we have good and bad days. Do not give up - could it be muscular skeletal or costo condritis?. We both found that we have to rest and then we are re-charged. Do hope this helps.



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