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They took an arm full.

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Morning smilers just back with one empty arm after the blood test, they will have to use the other arm next week. Sun shining but its still freezing

There was a red head and a blonde watching the 6 o' clock new and it was showing this man on a bridge threatening to jump. The blonde said to the redhead that she would bet her £10 that the man would not jump, and the redhead said "Ok I accept that bet".

Sure enough the man did jump, so the blonde handed over the money, the redhead said she could not take the money as they are friends, but the blonde said a bets a bet. The redhead said no I can't as I saw the news at 5 o'clock.

The blonde said "So did I but I never thought for one minute he would jump again"

One of the girls above was so pleased that she was complimented on her driving, when she found a note on her windscreen that said "Parking Fine".

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ha i had blood test as well at 9.20am today for sugar or some thing

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holly17 in reply to england

Hope she/ he was gentle with you and found what they were looking for, cheers pal. :)

Bahahahhahahahahha....good morning Fred. Thank you for the chuckles. How's that arm feeling? Those nurses are like flipping vampires aren't they. Bit dull and overcast here, we're on 8 degrees so I'm hoping the sun will come out soon. Have a good day Fred. :-) xxx

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holly17 in reply to Jolyn

Thanks Lyn the lady take took my blood is also a friend and she is so good at it you don't feel a thing plus we chat, have another lot next week. I have a scan at Torbay tomorrow which is a follow up after my aneurysm op.. Keep smiling and also warm xxx ;) Fred

Good morning Fred

Hope it's not your drinking arm they drained? When I was younger I tried to donate blood but got a card back saying blood group 'undetermined'? I guess if you put my blood in a young fit person they wouldn't be able to cope?

I'm taking it easy at the moment but managed to pot up some fruit trees. I have to pot them else my chickens eat all the berries.

I'm back at gps tomorrow for a check up -poor doctor.

Well I'm going to watch the TV article on pee! So that could be an education for me.

Take care darling

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holly17 in reply to Sokrackers

Hello my Sokrackers friend so fear in that happening as I let them have the blood from the right arm and I am left handed, as I am one of the chosen few, as God only made a few perfect people all the rest are right handed. Your blood would account for your wild naval habits I am pleased to say. What with your fruit tree's and your egg bearing birds it sounds like you live on a farm.

Best of luck tomorrow love I am sure it will go alright. I got home in time to see that TV article. Look after yourself don't over do it. Fred xxx :) ;)

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megannell in reply to holly17

"Good Afternoon to you Fred....And a Good Afternoon to Everyone too...WOW!! Fred!! Guess what.... I too am left handed.....Ssshhhhh!.... so does that mean i am gifted too.....Aww Socrakers what are you hoping to learn about with Pee.. hehehe! a TV program on Pee.... Wow!.and YES!! Socrakers...I too think you live on a farm or maybe small holding. mind having said that i too have loads fruit tree's but don't live on a farm. before i got diagnosed with my COPD. I used to breed budgies ....keep geese."Boris n Becky..Benson n Hedges. but sadly all the dust from them got to much for my lungs...But!! i have my two Beautiful Border Collies Nell And Noah..Aww and yesterday i started another course steroids as my breathing is getting much worse...But!! so far no infection, so fingers crossed. i have also bought myself some pomegranate juice to try as my sats are really low. can but try anything. well i am sorry i have rambled on so much..hoping you all have a lovely whats left of today..keep safe..keep warm...mot all keep Positive....Megan.."

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holly17 in reply to megannell

Megan you can ramble on as much as you want its just nice to hear from you, lets hope that this lot of steroids help and the pomegranate juice. I think you are lucky having your two lovely hairy friends they must be a great comfort. Yes Megan you are also one of the chosen few, after all this time I still find certain thing awkward as to me they are the wrong way around. Stay warm and safe. xxxFred :)

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megannell in reply to holly17

"Fred!!.... Thank you for being you... You Always make everyone smile:)... And Fred!....Regarding being left handed. last year i watch a documentary on the TV how left handed people have to live in a Right handed world....and as such have to live there life backwards, and it is only when you watch every single thing that we left handed folk got to think WOW!.they as in the manufactories are beginning to make more things for left handed people....But! big ...BUT! Too..At twice the price as for the same item for right handed people.they do that when making separate things of the same nature...jams..chocolate..for diabetics, don't they..Vultures i call them..One other interesting fact i learnt too watching this documentary...Was that left handed people have only existed for the past 500 yrs,,So we are also Fred.... us left hand peeps a New Species...YEAH!!!.... hehehe.... Have a good night .. And..sweet dreams to you Fred... And to everyone else too.. Night Night...Megan.."

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holly17 in reply to megannell

Megan your lovely, if we are a couple of the new species God help the rest of of the old species. xxx :)

Morning, or what's left of it, to you Fred! Ha Ha! great humour.

Wall to wall sunshine here. Such a tonic to see it even if the wind is still bitter.

Hope the old back is not too bad. Sara xx

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holly17 in reply to butter-fly

Most strange Sara but the back is really pain free today which is great. Sun still here but as you said cold, but the sun makes more people smile so thats a bonus. Have a good day xxx Fred ;)

Morning Fred, good ones today made me and hubby laugh.

You will have to drink plenty of what you fancy to make up for the blood. Hope all goes well with the scan tomorrow.

Cold and dull here today not a glimmer of the sun.

polly xx

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holly17 in reply to pollyjj

Hi polly please it gave you and your other half a chuckle , stay warm, sun is on its way. xx Fred :)

Hi Fred,

the armful joke reminds of the Tony Hancock episode.still very cold day today, it's always jam tomorrow with the weather forecast it seems to me. Tried a bit of gardening but not very enjoyable out there. Take care, love Iris x

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holly17 in reply to Lyd12

Your right Iris I wondered if anyone would pick up on that, a bit to cold still for much gardening. xx Fred :)

Great Fred,hope the empty arm fills up soon. Best wishes Bulpit

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