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Sudeck's atrophy

Hi would love any info on this. i broke my heel on sept 11th which i had 2 undergo an opp. i have been in pain ever since and my foot has been huge....which i believed 2 be because of the opp. I have been attending my doctors every week as i had pressure sores from the cast. My foot was last looked at early January. i have been complaining of pain and went 2 doc yesterday and told her 2 look at it. i have now been told i have Sudeck's Atrophy. i am so upset as i feel i haven't had help from nhs at all and telling me i'm fine. I'm so worried i will be left struggling 2 walk the rest of my life.

If anyone can help with any info that would help it would be much appreciated :)

Thanks xx

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Sudeck's Atrophy is an older term for what is now called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS).

This site is American but seems to explain it all better than many I've skimmed:

Devil's Claw might be worth trying, it worked for my partner's chronic back pain where cocodomol failed:

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thanks that's been a great help xx


Looks like a vitamin K supplement might help with healing (K2 is best). 100-200 mcg/day would be a decent dose:


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