Wet and windy Smiles today

Its wet, but should be expected as its children's half term, not that it effects me any more, but its a shame.

When I was in town I was stopped by a recruitment consultant and he asked me "What do you think about voluntary work ?" I said "I wouldn't do it if you paid me"

Any way I saw my Doctor and asked him what I could do about my bad leg, he replied "Limp"

Keep smiling xx :) Fred

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  • You always make me smile :-) :-)

    Morning Fred, wet and windy here as well today, staying indoors I think.

    polly xx

  • Morning polly it seems this weather is all over, keep that smile it might not help the pain but it keeps the face happy. xxx :) Fred

  • Laughing....I just spat my cuppa all over the laptop. I need a bib. lol You're so funny Fred. Keep them coming. :-D xxx

  • Sorry Lyn maybe I should put a warning notice up. Keep that smile going love.

    xxxFred :) :-D

  • Good stuff Fred good to hear your cheery jokes. It's sunshine again here in perthshire hope it clears up for you

  • That must be a first clova sunshine in Perthshire lol thank's your message worked its stopped raining and the wind has dropped, but that round thing has not appeared yet. By the way how if you don't mind me asking is your hip are you back at the disco yet or still a bit early.

    xxxFred :)

  • Thanks for asking Fred hip is a lot better walking without a stick although still got a slight limp. I guess it's just time

  • That's good news clova without the stick and your determination you will soon be without the limp as well xx :) Fred

  • "Limp" ?!@£!! Very helpful Fred :(

  • It was a joke 02 I really have a wonderful doctor :)

  • Glad you have Fred, me too but some don't. A sense of humour always helps - i forget GPs actually actually have one :)

  • Ha ha Fred

    Fell off my chair laughing! Your too funny.

    Good day to you. 18 degrees here. Snow tonight. Sick of it. Enough to make you limp! But you always put a smile on my face! Have a geat day Fred.


  • Ruby you are a bit of a wag (another name for a comic) and 18 degrees is not bad, but agree I do not like the snow other than in a picture. Always pleased to hear from you keep smiling over there my Jersey Girl pal. xxxFred :) :-D

  • Ruby I have had 2 messages from jimmy today and when I try to reply, the reply is rejected, I tried to answer his latest item about his health and the same happened there, I notice he has a padlock by his name is that anything to do with it, any idea pal, as I do not want him thinking I am not wanting to reply . cheers Fred xxx:)

  • I'm not having any trouble. As long as your a member of the community the padlock shouldn't have anything to do with it. Things just don't work right alot of times. If it don't work again I'll tell him your having trouble. You should tell stone😉😉

  • Funny old world I had been trying all evening and no joy, once I hit the send button to you, I tried again and no problem, you have the magic touch without even trying. I don't know about telling stone, I was going to start writing on stone. Thanks for you help your a gem Ruby xxx Fred :) :)

  • What does that mean- write on stone?

  • In stone age times the only way they had to write was on stone as paper etc was not invented. lol :) :) xxx Fred sorry Ruby I was being silly for a change xx

  • Thanks Fred have a good day

  • :) :) :) x Fred

  • keep smiling fred :) and keep us smiling :)

    we haven't had it so bad in edinburgh, just a bit dull damp, but no real rain, mild though..

    keep em coming fred jimmy :)

  • jimmy I was stationed in Scotland for 13 years and loved my weekends when possible in Edinburgh a really lovely city, I have had trouble replying to you u till now, funny old world. Cheers pal :) :) Fred

  • Morning Fred, Great jokes that make as all laugh, have a good day. Bulpit

  • Thanks Fred, made me chuckle. x

  • Good morning needto hope you are able to enjoy today xx Fred :) :)

  • Thanks for the giggle Fred, you must have the rain we had yesterday. Pouring down with beautiful sunshine to follow today. Lots of children in town as it is half term as you say. Did your doctor not send you for physio that's the latest type of referral for pains, especially for us older patients. Limp is not good as it puts wear on other parts of the body, but hey at least you can see the lighter side of it. I am being invaded by bell ringers at my door who want to help me spend my hard earned pension :) :) XX

  • Katie I hope you do not buy things at the door unless its local people you know, you have to be careful there are a lot of con men/women around. xxx:) :) Fred

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