not feeling good

Hi has you can see from past posts that since being diagnosed january 2013 with copd i had been doing ok with not smoking and plenty of exercise and seem to go from moderate to mild even went from seretide 500 down to seretide 250 and then on no meds since april 2014 (10 months) ago.

Now for 3 days have had such a bad cold and trouble breathing has wheezing so bad

Went to my gp and then chemist to get amoxicilln antibiotic and prednisolone tablets

But my gp did say i dont have a chest infection has yet but priscribed them just in case

also for the first time in a year i have had to take a has and when blue top inhaller has hard to breath though being so wheezy and have never felt like this before.

So a bit upset and worried has i did wonder if i might not have this copd, anyway i should be haveing another spirometry lung test sometime in april or march and will let you know how i get on.


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Hi music if you are feeling like this I think you may need to start taking your other meds again as they will help open your airways. x

Thanks for advise coughalot but it has only been with this bad chesty wheezy cold or flu that i have had for a few days has made my breathing bad.

And apart from my blue top has and when that i hardly used anyway until now I really dont want to start takeing inhaller meds yet unless i have to because of side affects.

Will see how i go and ask my gp and if he thinks i should go back on to seretide then i will.

Think i need the sun lol good luck


Hi, I to used to smoke,,,and enjoyed it ,,,,that is until I was blue lighted into hospital into intensive care with an asthma attack

( never suffered with asthma I was 42) ,at one point the consultant asked me if I smoked ,,,,yes I replied,,,,wrong answer he said ,,,,the next one will kill you ,,,,,those words stuck with me, and when I came out of hospital I wrote those words on a piece of paper,,,,,needless to say I never had another cigarette ,,,that 27 years ago ,however ,,,,the damage was already done,,,,and if I had carried on smoking I wouldn't be here now ,,,,I know that,,,,,,I over the years I developed emphasyma ,copd ,chronic asthma ,and Bronchietis ,,,,my advise is ,,,,take your medication regularly ,,,the seratide is a long acting inhaler,,,,and blue inhaler is a reliever that I use twice each morning and night ,and again during the day as and when needed,,,,,the best and most important thing you can do ,,,,,

IS STOP SMOKING ,,,,,NOW, good luck ,

Well put Nanny, sounds as if your just like me, and plenty others i suppose. Love Kin Xx

I understand what you are saying music but I am surprised with even with mild copd you don't need other inhalers coz I did. I don't have any side effects with mine and I am on symbycort and spiriva. All they do is help open your airways so you can breathe better. I would check with your doctor. x

Hi cough yes other people have said the same but after diagnosed i was so unfit and worked hard at exercise and stopped the smoking (that was the hard one) and just never seemed to get breathles again so ask my gp if i could cut down meds to a smaller dose then after some more months i ask gp again if i coud stop taking my seretide and he said i can try it to see how i get on but to always keep my blue top has and when with me just in case, so thats how its been with me.

And i know we are all diferant with this copd and people must take there meds with it but with me i think that why take high dose of inhallers or meds now if not ready for them yet but could be wrong thinking that way

but like to think i know my own body has well.

Roll on the summer cough

Good luck


Hi I still say speak to your doctor first before you make any decisions. x

Morning Music, My husband has just had the flu and it has taken a month to get over! His breathing is not as good as it has been and he is terribly down about it all. I would recommend that you start the antibiotics and steroids - my husband always takes them. The steroids should help with the breathing. Give yourself time, be kind to yourself and patient. The cold weather and a virus/cold etc, is just very bad news for anyone with a chest problem. Spring is on its way very soon - the lighter nights, warmer weather etc. will bring better health. Take it very easy and slowly you will get better, lots of love TAD xxx

Thanks Tad ,i thought that this morning so have started the antibiotics in case of chest infection but breathing seems ok today so will not take the steroids has gp said only take the steroids if breathing gets bad.

and my breathing was only bad because of the wheezing going on and that was more bad when laying down.

Am feeling down has well has i thought i was doing so well and yes roll on the spring has sun seems so good for me.

Hope hubby gets back to good health soon

Best wishes


I hope you get much better soon Music. I am having a chest infection at present. I was doing really well for months. I had a Lung Function Test last month, it was very good. In Nov I had a CT scan and only just saw the results this week: mild bronchiectasis and mild COPD, so at least that hasn't changed. However, in Nov, I had being having an infection without realising it, according to the consultant and the CT scan results. All I remember then was the shortness of breath. I had thought I was doing really well and was just going through wheezy stage. My point is often best not to assume that you are 'cured' because you have not had any very bad symptoms and to keep on taking the medication and doing exercises, etc. I am learning this myself! I thought I was actually overcoming the illness. It's unfortunate but it doesn't seem to be the sort of condition that actually regresses, it is progressive and has to be managed well. You will feel better I'm sure. I am waiting for that too! Let's get there! Lots of best wishes to you. stillmovin1 xx

Thanks stillmoveing and i know your right but this is my first bad infection since diagnosed 2 years ago and i also wonder that i might have got this cold or bad chest if i did not have copd.

Must talk to my gp again and keep more of an eye on things



Hi Music first of all well done for getting your meds down and being fit, when I was first diagnosed in 2004 I stayed the same for 3 years I was going to the gym and eating healthy then I got the flu and its this that knocks us right back I have a chest infection at the moment and last year was a real bad one for me I had more flair ups. flu that turned in to a chest infection. You need to be carful around people with the flu and ask your GP if you can have a emergency pack of meds at home.

Music, have you got a chest consultant. My GP this morning told me she was not a chest consultant! Ask to be referred if you are not. Ask to be referred to a pulmonary nurse. She would help you with wheezing. She may refer you to a physiotherapist. She would also follow you closely and write to your consultant if she felt you deeded attention. Take action by taking charge of yourself, don't let your GP decide. If you feel ill, you eed to see a consultant now, not in March. Get referred! Mic

Thanks mic never thought of that will ask to see a cosultent its just that in the past when i have ask for things like emergency meds or to go on a pulmonary 8 week course my gp has alweays said

that im not sick enough yet so you think that you are being a pest asking him and when i finally got to go on one of these courses the nurse there told me that he should never had said that because they prefere to get you in at a early stage of copd to educate and teach you more to look after yourself.

Take care


Music, I hope you get what you need, Don't grovel, stand up for yourself! (I've written this on an A4 page in big letters. It's by me bedside!

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