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I read that feces matter can be used to fight/ cure C-DIFF

I wonder can this cure Colitis & Reflux. Both these problems surface after a colonoscopy. I am now on Lialda, with folic acid as well as Dexilant. Two of these medications have extremely high co-pays and there is nothing less costly to take. I supplement with probiotics. I still get bouts of the runs and up-chucking bile attacks. Anyone have some helpful cures

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Haven't a clue but it doesn't sound very nice x


Do you have a link to what you read dwitt?


Well they all have their vested interests don't they?

Thanks for the link, flibberti. i'll take a look. C. diff is a big risk for those taking ppis for reflux. So far I've had no problem with them but like you say, you never know when stuff will happen.

Im not sure why dwitt suggested possibility of this helping with reflux though, maybe your link might shed light. :)


Very interesting. Bit like homeopathic treatment - treating like with like. I'd do it if i had to. But this is making me think i must start with regular probiotics to prevent c.diff arising. :)


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