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Hello all. I have had some problems with breathlessness and a cough since September. I've had two x rays which show a consolidation which hasn't improved despite 3 courses of antibiotics. Of course I Googled consolidation which if I understand right could be a number of things. I am waiting for a CT scan now. I don't know if this is something I should be worried about or not and also if there is anything I can do in the meantime. I'm assuming that as the scan is taking a while it isn't an emergency but months of coughing up the yukky stuff and being exhausted is really getting me down. :-( Does anyone have any advice?

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Hello and welcome to this very friendly site, I can understand your concern, try not to worry , easier said than done. You dont say how long you have been waiting for a CT scan, if it is more than twi weeks, I suggest you ask your GP to chase it up for you.

Have you asked your GP if some form of Bronchodilator, would help with your breathlessness, Ventolin Inhaler, or other medication, ? worth a try .get plenty of rest.

Do hope you get sorted quickly, it's the not knowing we worry about, lets hope it's nothing that you will have difficulty coping with All the best


Thanks for the quick reply! It it's 3 weeks since the GP mentioned the CT but it was Christmas time. I don't know what a Bronchodilator is...! I am trying to rest. I was 'signed off' work for a month but I work for myself and have a family so it's frustrating.


Hi again I defo, think you should have at least had a date for scan by now. Make sure your GP has arranged this and it hasn't got lost over Xmas, the practise manager should be able to confirm this for you, ask how long do they think it will be?

I apologise I was nursing all my working life forget not everyone understands the parts of the body

Bronchodilators work by opening up the many small air passages in the bronchi which leads into the lungs these little air ways look like branches from a tree feeding into both lungs with air and helps to keep the lungs clean and mucous free

This helps to get more oxygen from the air we breathe into your lungs.

If we get blocked with Mucous this can causes chest infections, and breathlessness pneumonia and is quite common in people with Asthma or other chest problems.

Hope you find this helpful


Hi, welcome to you. It's very tough waiting isn't it.

Mind you, it's excellent that you're getting a CT scan. It will show very clearly anything and everything.

If it's any consolation, I was very worried before I had mine. Continuous pneumonias, coughing & chest infections for several years. The CT scan showed some damage, not nearly so much as the doc or I were expecting - in fact her words "you've got a beautiful pair of lungs"!

With the right medication, taken correctly, doing the Pulmonary Rehab couse, learning loads on it plus this site. Eating healthily, exercising regularly, breathing exercises, and finally rebuilding my immune system I'm really quite well. I wasn't a smoker btw.

I hope you get good news but I hope you can be patient and not stress too much. Best wait to see what's going on.

It sounds as though you have decent medical care, just chivvy up the GP for that scan. I had to, then it came quite quickly (the consultant claimed they didn't receive the first one).

Good luck. Let us know how you get on


I phoned and they said the referrals take quite a while for routine cases. Is that good news?! She did ask if I was struggling with waiting and I explained I have been signed off sick so obviously I want to find out if anything can be done to improve my symptoms. That's surely not odd is it?


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