spiriva wisdom required

Spiriva info says only open capsule compartment immediately before use on the day. I believe its something to do with the air, but if the capsule is not pierced I don't get the reason. Anyone know why and how important it is?

I have been putting one spiriva in each day compartment of a medicine pot designed for a weeks supply at a time. I do this because of memory problems, it lets me know I have or haven't taken it that day. I do try and do it at the same time as well.

Should I ask Dr for an alternative or will it be ok to keep doing this?


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  • "Hope this may help you Carole...Megan."

  • Hi megannell. Thanks for posting the spiriva video to Carole I have realised that I have not been inhaling properly, now I know! Many thanks. LeeLee. X

  • Thanks for the video Megannell. It may help me with Spiriva as I have been using this for several months now but regularly have problems with not piercing the capsule properly in the Handihaler or piercing it too much, or else just not being able to get the thing to work properly and using up quite a lot of energy in the process!!!! This should hopefully help me get it right for once. stillmovin1

  • "Awe! i am so happy that it as been helpful to you too. I think it can help to understand things easier if you can see properly how they work.well good luck to you.stillmovin1..


  • It's always possible that it's the only way the manufacturer can guarantee the integrity of the capsule, and thus the efficiency of the drug, so protecting themselves from possible lawsuits . . .

    It's also entirely possible that moisture in the air will inevitably permeate the capsule and degrade its contents to some extent depending on duration of exposure . . .

    The instructions on storage and use are extremely specific, and it would be inadvisable to ignore them.

    Could you not cut out individual capsules in their blisters?

    An alternative to the capsules would be: medicines.org.uk/emc/medici...



    'Spiriva capsules are packaged in an aluminum/aluminum blister card and joined along a perforated-cut line. Spiriva capsules should always be stored in the blister and only removed immediately before use. The drug should be used immediately after the packaging over an individual Spiriva capsule is opened.'



    'Instruct patients always to store Spiriva capsules in sealed blisters and to remove only one Spiriva capsule immediately before use or its effectiveness may be reduced. Instruct patients to discard unused additional Spiriva capsules that are exposed to air (i.e., not intended for immediate use).'

  • Hi, I did try cutting the caps individually in the blisters, but either cut too far and exposed them or couldn't get the foil off at all and had to slice them out. The perforations are only lengthwise and not in between each cap as they seem to be on some videos Ive seen. Not to worry, will ask Dr about it next time in.

  • Two or three things I have been getting wrong thank you :)

  • Just a quick comment, I have taken Spiriva for a long time. I noticed if you expose the capsule to air for a longish time the capsule deteriorates, not sure what effect this has on the drug powder inside. So it would seem you need to handle the capsules with care and use as fresh as possible. Hope this with other info here helps you and saves a journey to the doctor. If all else fails why not ask your local chemist for advice on what to do. Best Wishes.

  • That's something I didn't know. Me and Az usually reload the accuhaler after using it, so its ready for the next use.


  • If you need to remember if you have taken your spiriva or not try writing the date on the carton when you first open it then write the first letter for the days of the week and cross off each day. That way there is no need to take the capsules out of the foil.


  • Thanks to all responders, and for Yvonne, that's a really good idea. Will try to do that in future,


  • why didn't I think of that, I do that with antibiotics, Duh. Clever girl Yvonne. x

  • hi carole I use spriva to and I was same at first would peel foil back to far and expose next one better break

    them off individually.


  • Hi lloegr, I take spiriva respimat 2.5 micrograms a day. Not sure if it comes in different measurements. I insert a cartridge into the inhaler once a month. Once each day to get the required dose I need to inhale 2 puffs. It is a fine mist and helps to stop problems with getting thrush in the mouth. I believe it is a relatively new thing on the market and luckily have a knowledgeable consultant. I wondered if this might be an easier way for you, as not so much to remember best wishes barnowl

    P.S. Just read the leaflet and it was revised Sept. 2013 so not that new a product.

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