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cough and mucus


Most of xmas break in bed de to chest infection . I have severe copd.

I cough in bouts, mucus catches in my throat anf it starts. It rarely clears but seems to get higher and all but completely block my airways. Distress and panic are an understatement. I am fairly self controlled and irde it out best I can, steadying what breaths I can get at a regular pace until it eases.

I manage this during the day, but at nightimes and first thing on waking my breathing is at its worst and a session then feels like the end. Saline breathing boiling a jugful of water with half cup f salt and twel over head eases breathing but no mucus freed.

GP never heard of acapella and has referred me to copd specialist. Might be months away.

Feeling grim. Try to hide how bad I feel from family.

Albas oils? Friars balsam? anything?

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I would say that it sounds as though proper breathing cycle would be a big help to shift the mucus up from the base of the lung and then to aid in ejecting it.

Yes the fear and distress factor is very common and alarming. Gain confidence in your breathing technique is about the only way to help come to terms with it.

Contact BLF on their 03 phone line. It is a local rate call even on a mobile. They produce exercise leaflets to help with this.



Hi I have never used it but have heard on here how good it is -mucodyne tablets. You have to get it on prescription but it apparently thins out your mucus making it easier to cough up. x

Hi very sorry for your distress. I have been taking mucodye tabs for quite a while and they seem to help also (don.t laugh) but i try everything and anything. I have found a hot water bottle on my chest while lying on the bed helps. With me i need to be very warm to make it easier.

Also hot cirries, spicy foods and acidic items ie pickled onions hot lemon tea. As i say i try everything and all i have mentioned work with me.

Good luck and one thing you want to try not to fo is to panic. That makes things worse.

I hope to venture out tomorrow, first time since before xmas.

Hi, you have described my Xmas exactly. I use a nebuliser with a saline solution plus a few drops of Echincea just when I feel an infection is coming on. Unfortunately being Mrs Claus I was too busy this time, but have used my neb over Xmas and recovery is so much quicker. Also try putting Vicks vapour rub on your chest and the soles of your feet when going to bed, this stops the night time coughs for me. Wishing you a speedy recovery x


Oh dear, poor you. lets hope you can enjoy the New Year, sorry i can't offer any help but i'm sure others will be able to. Xx

I must say that if you use mucadyn it helps by thinning the mucus right down and its much more manageable I'm 80 and have used it for years,works for me!

I had same thing in November. I was told it was a virus. I'd keep coughing and eventually the mucus would get to my throat and I couldn't breath and I panicked esp at night as I live on my own. I had it about 3 wks but it was worse the first week or so. Hope you feel better soon


I agree with RibvanRey look up the breathing cycle good luck it will work xx easter

Hi, have you tried 'huffing'? Take two normal breaths then on the third breathe 'huff' from the throat. There is a longer version of this which I have posted on HU previously. I find it very helpful and I hope it helps you. Take care and try to have a Happy and Healthy New Year. Lizzy x

I use carbosistine or its something spelt like that..

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